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Towing/Recovery company needed


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I've seen the ones where the wrecker gets the truck over, the truck starts to roll and takes the wrecker on its side.

gimme a minte

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A friend that runs a wrecker always uses a couple of well placed pieces of 4" X 4" wood and has never had a runaway when it comes back down.

Gee, it must take him all of 2 minutes to get them off the truck and place them...


It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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At Larry: While it is on it's side like that, it is much easier to cage brakes & pull the driveshaft. This is the way I have always done it. But I also look at my surroundings, check to see if it will roll or not when it hits its wheels and as John said, have blocks ready or some other form of catch other than the recovering vehicle. When a big truck crashes in the U.S. there is a lot of people who do a lot of investigation at the scene and they like to take their time but as soon as they are done, they expect the tow company(s) to jump right in and have the scene cleaned up in an hour! We have always been fortunate that the officers & investigators that we work with, also work with us. They will start with brakes so we can cage them right away, then they will continue the vehicle inspection so we can start rigging then they will go to the driver & paperwork then as soon as they give the green light we can get busy.

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I understand trying to speed the process along, but when a "shortcut" has the potential to cause a lot of damage or risks injuring anyone, I see no good reason to take it. As far as caging the brakes while the truck is on its side, that makes no sense to me. If the truck's air system is still holding air, why cage the brakes at all? Run your red line to the truck's tank and keep the towed unit supplied that way. If there are ruptured air lines, with a deep enough socket and a pneumatic ratchet, it really doesn't take all that long to cage the brakes. Set the bolts in the chambers while you can get at 'em easy, then once you're hooked to it roll under there and spend the 5 seconds per chamber tightening the nut to release the spring brakes. Sure beats having to recover a truck that rolled off into the woods, or worse yet having to call your competition to come pick you back up off your side. Safety first.

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