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Mack CA cabs

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How many different Mack CA cabs were there. I think there were 47's or 67's on the R's.I noticed on a thread here that the west coast RL's had a CA 123.

Where does the plus 3 cab fit in. Those west Coast rigs were really sharp the way the cab and hood sat higher. Those west coast R 700's and valueliners were good trucks. :clock_logo:

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If I remember right,the CA stood for cab assembly. Here are a few I remember.

C model- CA44

G model - CA29 (no sleeper) & CAS29 (sleeper)

H67- CAS34

N61 - CA331

B83 -CA30

B75 sleeper - CAS30

B75 L cab- CA31

B67 - CA32 (concave) & CA212 (standard)

B615 - CA215

B61 - CA21 , CA27 (concave),CA25(early sleeper) & CAS28(later sleeper)

F model (early version) CAS39 (short bunk) & CAS40 (full bunk)

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