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craigslist Mack Superliner & Trailer

Deere Mack

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160,000lbs gross would be legal for a Michigan A-Train setup. It was not uncommon back in the day for a lot of Michigan gravel and steel haulers to push their luck and go over 200,000lbs when trucking rates were good enough to take the risk of getting caught, probably not as common today. That trailer would probably be legal for around the mid 120,000 range. I'd have to check some of our old charts to tell you for sure. And yes it takes a lot of horsepower to get a wagon like that moving especially on corners, and you do have a lot of tire wear on something like that especially doing city work, that trailer shouldn't be to bad because it has 3 fixed axles and 2 lifts, with an odd number of axles on the ground it will pivot on the centre axle reducing the drag on your other ones and minimalizing tire wear and making cornering easier. If it had 4 on the ground it would be like pulling a wall. My guess is the guy probably worked construction hauling asphalt millings off a miller that type of setup is pretty common in Michigan.

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Very Different set up from what im used to . When I pulled Trailer frames For FEMA Trailers after Katrina I ran from 1 gulfstream plant to another . The fella I was working for was originally from MI. (now lives in N.MS About an hour from me) & knew I have always been into trucks .

we caught a break & was running close to the MI Sate line & he was from around Grand Rapids . So we went to The town he was from

he had a friend that had a couple of Michigan trains & I seen them 2 KW W900 Set up as Michigan trains had 3408 Cats TURNING 700HP W/18spd Roadrangers . was a sight for me to see . as I told his buddy id hate like hell to have to get in a tight spot w/ that setup .


You Cant Fix Stupid. But You Can Numb It With A Sledgehammer. :loldude:

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Here's a photo of my Dad's 1980 Freightliner with 450HP 3408 Caterpillar pulling his 1989 Amtrak 5 axle steel dump trailer. Right after we took this photo he traded the Freightliner off on a brand new 1994 Mack CL613 with E9500 and later added another fixed axle to make the trailer a 6 axle. With 4 fixed axles on the ground and 1 lift it was a tank to drag around corners, changing it to 5 on the ground an odd number allowed it to pivot on the centre axle making it easier to turn, pull and extra brakes made it easier to stop. His average annual tire bill was around $25,000 at least 1 full set of tires all around tractor and trailer not to mention all the flat repairs and tires that just got wrecked driving in scrap yards.



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