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Hello Guys,

I just got the word that I am losing storage for my EF. This saddens me incredibly but what can you do. My question is that I will now have to store outside on our lot in Western PA, should I tarp the cab or not. I was thinking that if not there would be air circulation and things could dry. Someday I will get this awesome truck on the road. Thoughts???




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Tarps and weeds growing under and around would be the worst thing to do. 5 or 6 cans of primer sprayed over everything with some type of shed or out of direct sunlight would be better, I think, could be wrong, but a good farmer always puts his equipment under a shed.

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Sorry that you are having to store your prize outside, but there are ways to help. A company called Northern Tool has tarped sheds with poles to support the sides. You buy the size you think will work for you. You can put a tarp on the ground and drive the truck on it so weeds won't be a problem. I had to do the same thing when I first had my truck. It is a thought and hope we can at least throw out a suggestion or two or three. Oh BTW......those trucks sat out in the elements for years and look how long they have lasted.

Good luck!


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I have a small tarp shed that is 10' X 20' that keeps one small truck out of the weather. It works well and must be about 10 years old now.

I have been thinking about getting a small steel carport to go behind the barn for cord wood and some 3 pt hitch implements. Haven't pulled the trigger yet.

Either one would keep the weather off your truck.


It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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Hi Brent;

I think you'll find that tarping the truck will cause the top to rust out-that's what happened to my Catalina. I agree that if you figure a couple of years of storage for your truck,that money would go a long ways towards buying a steel building big enough to cover your truck and some parts. As mentioned,tarp the floor space,but first spray the ground heavily with a strong weed killer,then roll the tarp down. Once you have the truck inside,take a box of cheap dryer sheets and put a couple under the hood,one close to any openings into the engine,open hoses,on the intake manifold,a couple interwoven in the plug wires,on the starter and generator. get in the cab and put one in the glovebox,stuff a couple under the dash in the wiring,under each seat,behind the seat,anywhere the headliner is open,in the defroster vents,a couple on the floor and on the seats,close the cab up as tight as possible except a vent,and put a dryer sheet there,too. wrap a dryer sheet around the wiring to the back of the truck about every 3 or 4 feet;if there's any rubber hose,(vacuum or air),treat them like the wiring. Also,if there's any tool boxes etc. put a sheet in them and close 'em up. It's good to set the axles on blocks to get the weight off the tires,and either drain the coolant or put new antifreeze in,drain the fuel tanks,and it it's a runner,run the engine at idle until it quits from no fuel. I'd also do an oil change to keep the acids in used oil from eating it up from the inside. Pull the battery out. I think I'd also drain the air tanks and leave all drains open,so condensation won't put rust into the air system. If your truck has stacks,make a plug for each side from a shop rag (or a bundle of 'em),and put a dryer sheet with 'em,and lightly stuff them into the stacks,but leave a tail you can get ahold of,and put a coffee can over each one. Take a walk around the truck and anywhere you see aplace where wasps could nest or mice could get into,poke a dryer sheet into it.

I KNOW-this may sound like overkill,but the dryer sheets really do keep mice and wasps out,and those are both BIG problems wjere I am. I'd rather OVER do it than have to do a bunch of damage control later.

Some of this may not apply to your truck,but if it was mine this is what I'd try to do, Adjust as the situation demands.



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