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  1. Thank You Jim! They are in PA as well, just the other end of the state.
  2. Hello, Can anyone tell me where to source a windshield frame for an EF? I have some rust through at the bottom and of course broken screws at the top. I drilled them out but now I am afraid there is not enough stock there to tap to a larger size. Any help would be great. Thanks, Brent
  3. Ms Tracy, You did a great job on the restoration. May I ask where you sourced your windshield frame? Mine needs a lot of repair and yours looks new. thanks, Brent
  4. Hello, Would anyone have a paint color or better yet a code for the interior color on a 48 EF. My dash is darker than the light creamy tan color that Mack was known for. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Brent
  5. Anyone interested or restoring an E Model? Thanks
  6. What do you want for a “long” ear dog?
  7. Hello, I am working on my 48 EF and am in need of a drivers side window regulator, drivers side door latch and a stock exterior mirror bracket. If anyone has a source or a name that I could contact it would be appreciated. Thanks, Brent
  8. Great Job! You should be proud of it. I am working on mine now and really admire the work. Did you have any issues with the window regulators? My drivers side door doesn't have anything in it. Thanks, Brent
  9. I have parts from my 48 EF that I want to sell. The reason for selling is that I am putting modern running gears under the truck. Lets talk on price, reasonable offers will be entertained. 1 EN290, block is cracked but engine is complete 1 EN290, engine that is complete will need to be rebuilt 1 Rebuilt Carb 1 Front Axle that is complete, very nice 1 Rear End with the rear cover cut out of housing 6 Original wheels Can email pictures upon request. Thanks, Brent
  10. Wingman, Would you have a contact,email address or number for Jack Boglitsch Sr.? I saw his truck in York at the ATHS show a couple years back, incredible build. I would like to ask Jack what he did for the Charge Air Cooler. I have the 48 EF pictured and want to do the 24 valve swap. I have my donor ready to go. Thanks, Brent
  11. Livinlo

    Mack EF

    Hello, i need a window regulator for a 48 EF, a side window would be good as well. Thanks,Brent
  12. Hello Dan,

    I have a 48 EF that I am in the process of putting together. Would you have a window regulator (drivers side) ? 

    Thanks Brent Saxonburg PA

  13. Does anyone know what kind of wind regulator can be used in EF doors? Driver side is completely gone. Thanks Brent
  14. Mike D, Tell us more about "Big Muskie"!!! Did you build that is it plastic, or diecast? When I was a kid my father took me to Ohio and I was able to watch it operate. Awesome machine! All that is left is a bucket at a park I think. Thanks, Brent Pittsburgh
  15. Looks good and I agree the bulldog base is great. I just lost storage for mine last week. Need to get my crap together and start on it. I do have another 290 for it as well. I will have to hunt you up. I am coming into Erie and down into Waterford for work this week. Brent
  16. Hello Guys, I just got the word that I am losing storage for my EF. This saddens me incredibly but what can you do. My question is that I will now have to store outside on our lot in Western PA, should I tarp the cab or not. I was thinking that if not there would be air circulation and things could dry. Someday I will get this awesome truck on the road. Thoughts??? Thanks, Brent Pittsburgh
  17. Does anyone have pictures from the show? Thanks!
  18. Take care of that bulldog and bulldog base, that is hard to come by. Someday I am going to start on mine!
  19. Hey Guys, Those Bulldogs belong to: John Benkart Rigging Co. They have been in the rigging business for a long time. Brent
  20. I am jealous of all the "E" models. Someday I am going to get my completed.

  21. Superdog! That is an awesome find. I wish mine was in the same condition. I bought mine with the block cracked from no anti-freeze and a cold winter. I live with-in a half hours drive of Watt's. You should have seen Blackie Watt wheel a dirt Modified! Take care of the EF....
  22. Barry, Where is the EE dump truck that used to set outback of the shop. It had a nice white cab with it and yes I tried to purchase it years ago with no luck. LOL... Put that one on the list for #2. Brent
  23. How was the 2009 Gerhart Show? Is anyone planning on posting pictures they would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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