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  1. Yes the negative effect is you cannot recycle the recovered mixed gas, as long as you stay with whatever type you use it can be recycled . Also the O-rings have a different composition make-up and do not hold up with the wrong Freon . The cost along between the two is enough to go with 134. If we recover 134, it is measured recycled and replaced without costing the customer more money, The first step is do a gas analysis, if it is mixed with anything then 134 then it is put into a separate container and shipped to a disposal waste facility . The negative effect is in your wallet and the number of times you have to replace repair redo your work.. My personal ride has a 12 year old A/C system that has never been touched, and blows cold air.
  2. I don't want to sound like a smart-ass, but the first thing I would do is throw that can and gauge in the nearest waste disposal location, the next thing is NEVER mix r12 and 134 gas together. If the truck has not been converted over to 134, you need to start by taking all connection loose, back flush all lines and evaporator (condenser if old style) with a A/C flush, replacing all O-ring with compatible 134 type O-rings (coat with oil) remove compressor and dump out all oil, replace with 134 PAG 150 oil (5 ounces) replaced with a new expansion valve and new receiver dryer. If the Old lines have the old style type connections they can be retrofitted with 134 connectors. Have a good vacuum done for a least 30 to 45 minutes (To check for leaks and most importantly to remove all moisture from system) fill system to recommend weight with 134 (Too much is just as bad as Too little) , If you can't find the recommend weight, I start with 2 lbs. and add a 1/4 lbs. charge until compressor runs continually and system is pushing cold air. Test system with windows down, not on recir. and fan on high, Temp at outlet should be between 40 and 45 degrees no matter what the outside temp is. If compressor cycles too much or not at all check high pressure switch. Engine fan should come on anytime high pressure gets above 300. This time of the year we run two to three A/C machine 24/7, The biggest mistake people make with A/C is they think that by adding more it will make the system run colder, it doesn't. The problem with the cans are they add propane and non-compatible gas into the system and it destroy the 134.
  3. Clutch free travel is the most important factor to consider, this is the distance between the throw-out bearing and the pressure plate, the throw-out bearing should NOT touch the plate which translate to 1 to 1.5 inches of free travel of your clutch pedal measure from the floor. On single disc push type set-ups the adjustment is made through the clutch linkage, I have never came across a clutch brake on this type of clutch, On dual disc clutch pull type set-ups the free travel is adjusted through the pressure plate adjustment mechanism, the clutch brake is adjusted through the linkage and it should just touch the clutch brake. The best performance out of any type is to have the flywheel "TURN" and checked for run-out. Be sure to use a new pilot bearing.
  4. We had one guy come in with a extension cord tied to his mirrors, yep starter switch, roll down window touch two wires.
  5. Well Said, Our Leaders are as children, History has no lesson, woe to the next generation.
  6. Method I have used several times is to jack up the front axle, get both wheels off the ground, slightly crack both pressure lines, without truck running, turn steering wheel in both directions a number of times, keep the tank full and this forces air out of system without the pump cavitying . close off lines while someone keeps turning the steering wheel. Hillbilly Method
  7. Well my super trucker experience happen in Ohio, Two back to back, We was doing a boat show in Jan. pulling a 19' X 90' houseboat. We made the stop at Cincinnati with no problems after leaving the show headed to Columbus ran into construction where there was concrete barriers on both side of the highway, Lo and behold lost a set of duals off one of the four axle trailer, wedge right up against the boat and the other two axles, dead in the water. We had traffic blocked for almost two hours. After making it to the Ohio State fairgrounds and working all night to set up the boat for the show and with just a few hours to spare, Boss man in a panic tells me to get the truck and trailer outa there, slowly pulling forward about the time trailer clears the boat I see a series of transformers mounted about 5 ft off the ground come falling over, power lines falling all over the place, sparks flying every which way. Popping the brakes and killing the motor, opening the door and jumping as far as I could in the only place that did not have any power lines on the ground and running like hell on my ass, I finally stop and looked behind me, the boom mounted onto the truck was still in the up position. State Police Headquarters was right across from the convention center and there were a half dozen State Boys sitting in their cars watching me as this all happen. They had a good laugh, said I got gold on that jump, that the guy the week before did not do as much damage. Although the electric was knock out for half of Columbus and the State Boys had to run on generator power for a few hours, The Fairgrounds was in the process changing all the service to underground they was all sit to do it after that Boat Show but delayed the show a few hours for the Electric Company to change it over. Went to Cleveland after that show, I double check everything No Problems.
  8. The less you do the more you make, Obama gets the Nobel peace prize for ????, Nancy P and Harry R are worth multi-millions started out as poor little democrats. Congress works (That is what they call it) less then 130 days a year gets an Easter vacation (3 weeks) summer break (2 months) thanksgiving vacation (2 weeks) Christmas vacation ( although they don't call it that anymore for 3 weeks) plus 10 national holidays (MLK and Columbus day always on a Monday) Free Health Care (NOT Obamacare) Free Postal service, reduce lunch fees at the National Café, and their annual pay raises are automatic, they have to vote not to get one. Yes it must be tough to be under(over)paid. They should be paid with peanuts, they could stand on .every corner with a sign and sell them. Don't forget the lobbyist that push under the table benefits to all of them.
  9. What is right is wrong, what is wrong is right. If the end is near then we are near the end. They will come in peace, put food on your table and pay all your bills, they take away GOD and say There is always Hope and Change. They take away your LIBERTY for all to have, You will be corral like cattle with a prod, to be lead to the slaughter like blind hogs. Those that speak up will be shot down, The challenge is to survive the fire, then when the smoke clears, arise and take back your life.
  10. My theory : Plane was taken to North Korea, is being fitted with new transponders, new paint and numbers, extra fuel cells and 2 nuclear weapons. Will leave NK and appear as defectors, fly to Canada then down through north central U.S. at 40,000 ft. explodes causes an EMP, lights out baby. Marshall Law ? Who knows ?
  11. check valve between air dryer and primary tank or between primary and secondary tank
  12. The park side is independent of the service side, the rod does not completely go thru to service side. Look at a piggy back set-up. there are two separate rods within a maxi brake.
  13. The only thing that stays the same is everything changes. Todays world is not the same as most of us on this site grown up in, and 25 years from now it will not be the same as it is today. But like all modern things (cell phone, computers, vehicles) if we don't keep up with it, we become useless.
  14. Change your name to Muhammad Gonzales, get a Canada Passport, go to a VA hospital claim you own weapons, hire two non-English speaking guys whose names are Muhammad Gonzales, tear the VIN decal off the door post, cut a 6 inch hole in your sleeper floorboard, buy a goat, get all the junk tires you can, keep at least two tied on the back of your truck, keep it in the wind and cut the going freight rate in half. Don't forget to change your name every five years. NOT really, I see enough of this already. Experience advice is cheap, being cheap gets expensive. Get people you trust. Stay away from the lottery and casinos. JC Penny made his fortune by writing down every penny he made and spent. Always be prepared. If you want to hear GOD laugh, just have a plan.
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