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96' ch613 427 cranks but wont start


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hi , my 96 ch613 is not firing .it cranks and starts with starting fluid but it wont stay on.it cranked the day before and when I came in the next morning it cranked but wont start..the lightening bolt in the dash comes on so Im guessing the computer its all right.the injector lines have been bled and still nothing.3 mechanics have come and could not get it going.IF ANYONE HAS ANY INSIGHT PLEASE HELP!!

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Lightning bolt comes on. What flash code do you get?

With cruise control off, press the cruise set button. Watch lightning bolt-it will blink a series of numbers, break, then some more like 7-4.

Knowing the blink code can help us better

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I lost a computer on a 97 mack this year during harvest. Slam it with your hand and it would fire up again. Reader said it was showing 19 volts even though alternator was unhooked. When you slapped it the voltage went to 13.6 then fired up.

Searched all over and couldn't find a used computer, new one was $2100 and they shipped it to me, then we drove it to Mack to get programmed as the new one only is programmed enough to get you there, low hp, no cruise, speedo wrong.

They said very few ever fail. But the newer ones were $6000 so I guess I will be happy it worked out.

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