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engine oil overheating


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I have 2000 cx 460 vision mack truck and problem with oil overheating and coolant temperature is normal,....we put new oil cooler and new oil temperature sensor , truck doing same thing.2 months ago truck was pulling very heavy load through big hills and was overheating because radiator was plug up with same dearth and was throwing antifreeze out , I think from that time something start be wrong with oil...when truck idling oil pressure is under 8 what is very loo and truck shout down.....Did I did something wrong to engine and why is oil overheating...thanks I had 4 mack truck and never have same problem...thanks

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You said you are having low oil pressure, I am thinking a seal or oil ring may be leaking and forcing the oil out causing it to heat, kind of like a hydraulic oil, also when the oil thins from heat it can loose it viscosity traits which can contribute to the low oil pressure. then thinner oil is harder to pump, causing the cycle to repeat, I would have to think there is something with that oil pump or seal.


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My '01 Vision with the E7 460 had the same issue with the oil temp, not the low pressure though. I borrowed a laser handheld thermometer and checked it on a trip to Chicago. The gauge was over 30deg higher than what the filter/ oil cooler read when I checked it.

Wouldn't surprise me if the pressure gauge was way off too. Can't trust electronic gauges.

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