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  1. if i am thinking rite, on this year model we had same issues and there is a spring in the top of oil pump that acts as a regulator for oil pressure. seems they where weak and i believe we put a heavier spring in it to help the oil pressure jump 10 to 12 lbs. but again that has been 10+ years. but i am sure that is what i did.
  2. i tried to send picture of the tank to this cell number and it will not go through...
  3. I was thinking they where a little newer,, these are 1980 models... phone number 270-993-7145.. they look clean and straight to me. if you go to craigslist owensboro kentucky then to the heavy equipment section.. sorry but im not smart enough to forward the info and pictures over here..
  4. boyd

    fleet of trucks

    if you want me to explain over the phone let me know and i will give you my number
  5. sorry, and i think they are complete runnable trucks
  6. A farmer up around owensboro kentucky has 2 of them, i think i remember seeing that he wanted $8500 each for them. i dont know anything about. but can get you contact number if you want it?
  7. Yes, drivers side tank is fine, i can take a picture and text to a cell number if you want me too?
  8. I have a T310, that is a mack reman with less than 100,000 miles on it.. will take $3200.. it is still in truck. i have all paperwork.
  9. The Carbon/Sludge build up was so bad on the 4 valve mack motors up around the valves and rockers, that if i had a choice i would have a 2 valve.. they where always so much cleaner when i tore them down... just my opinion
  10. before you throw money at replacing the #3 EUP ,, i would swap holes. like swap number 3 EUP with #4 EUP and see if your code moves to the hole number #4. this will confirm it is not a wiring issue instead of EUP...
  11. do you know if this has the newer updated conical injector/cup set or is it still the older version. the newer version of the injector cups are stainless steel.
  12. as long as you have a ecm that you know is good. you can hook up and if trtuck runs, you will be able to confirm this is what you need to replace.
  13. the problem is, after time, the compressors start pumping some oil throughout the air system, when this happens this sludge sits in lines valves and all and causes issues like this. drain air tanks and see if you have oil and water coming out or just water. when you warm your truck up it makes the sludge free up where it will actually let air pass by. if oil in air system i would suggest air compressor, and if water make sure you have your air dryer hooked up, they generally ran AD-9 part number 065225 bendix air dryers on them, you may need to replace.
  14. get you a see through union and put it inline to see if you have bubbles running through while it is doing this..
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