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Truck Auction - September 21st - Boardman, OH


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nope, def a 50's B model has the old style pedestal air horn, bolted together radiator and headlight panels, no bolts in bottom of radiator shell and old style fuel tank brackets. like Bigdog says, I should write a book on B model details. prolly piss everyone off though haha

You do have a good eye for detail. I would've seen the "61" on the side and said "okay, 1961 it is". Prolly what they did but a great looking truck nonetheless.

Would've been nice to see the Marmon. I'd say it and the B model will be moving to a new home in the near future.


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would have liked to see more pictures myself. haven't seen a Marmon here in Upstate Ny in years and they also had a yard tractor B model in that listing

Kiko is usually good about lots of pictures. I too am disappointed in the lack of pics. If I attend (which is iffy), I will take some pics.


PRR Country and Charter member of the "Mack Pack"

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