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U.S Diesel truckin nationals


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The show sucks now, unless you're into seeing idiot teenagers with a 1990 dodge cummins flatbed with a straight pipe or a pete/kw with every accesory right out of a Berube magazine theres very trucks that aren't cookie cutter

I agree with you on that. They put restrictions on it this year for pickup trucks and keeping them out of the pit but all the KWs and Petes are still there. and not enough macks.

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My son and I took quite a few pics. Sorry I didn't see anybody except I got to finally meet Chuck P! It was nice to put a face to the name. You should of brought your DM it would of been the only one. I was all the way at the end of the lots by the fence where they were giving helicopter rides, We got there around 11:30.

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Thanks Vince. Not too bad since I had one nights notice to clean her up. I use to take a month years ago when I would take the truck down there. I'm going up to Trovei soon in Sparowbush to look at hoods or I can buy a new Jones hood for $1,200.00. My hoods shot and then I can think about paint.

Can't believe I missed ya. Wow truck pinstriping and lettering has really been taken to a new level!! The paint and graphics were unbelievable !! Almost unreal!! I'm thinking how much is this paint job worth??

The paint work is crazy. I don't know where these guys get the dough for this work.

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