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have a splendid weekend..everyone


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I played hooky from work friday and went to the US Nationals. there were a ton of old gasers running, great show but hot.saw a lot of runs over 300 MPH in top fuel & funny car. but I liked pro mod. those cars are the best

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Gee, they looked like a lot in the bag- I could eat these for a snack.

Just put some sauce on them here but they've got to cook longer. I can't eat wings unless the skin is crispyfied...is that a real word?


Anyway, here's the finished product. I think I could eat that.


Yeah, i'd eat that!


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Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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It rained on and off all day here, Me and the baby just lounged around and watched t.v......Now I gotta leave for North Carolina tonight....yay

This message was brought to you by Hargraves Potted Meat Product. Chopped full of "Peckers & Lips" since 1933 - John Boy & Billy

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