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Some trucks I owned

mack mhe9

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I wish I could find pics of my old pickups I've had. First one was a '79 D100 Dodge short bed,slant 6,3 speed.Then I had a '65 Chevy C10 6 cyl. blew up so I put a 350 Buick in it. Next was a '79 D150 long bed,360 V8.traded it for a '80 W150 Power Wagon with a 318,also had a '82 D100 slant 6,4 speed shortbed,then I got a '85 Ford F250 4x4 diesel,It was a POS,got rid of it and got a '92 D350 ,360,5 speed with a flatbed,that I still have.Also had a '76 W250 Power Wagon with a 400,a '76 D150 Club cab Dodge 360 V8(still have it out in the weeds)and a '77 Ford F150 with a 351,and now my '93 W300 4x4 Cummins dually.Last 2 vehicles I've bought for my wife have also been pickups,a 2001 Dodge extended cab 2500 diesel,that my daughter has now,and currently a 2010 4 door 2500 4x4 diesel.

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Dakota. Was lucky enough to catch the first tree with the pass side head light witch slowed me down enough to survive the the second one head on. Which destroyed the eng block, trans, even split the rear dif where the axle tubes were wielded in. I've crash alot of car road racing.

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