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I have a B 61 Mack with a 711 engine . It has a primary and secondary fuel filter. Are both of the canisters suppose to contain a filter. The filter on the driver side , the unit metal has type 322 on it--- does this unit contain a mesh element ? If so does anyone know the # or where I could buy the mesh element? Or does this type 322 canister contain a filter? Mine is empty and that doesn't seem to correct. Thanks Joe

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On most old trucks and newer trucks actually the primary filter got the big stuff and protects your lift pump, the secondary gets all the smaller junk the primary leaves behind and protects the injection system. I would have to have something in front of the lift pump, maybe not the mesh but some kind of filter.

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My WW2 military Mack has 3 fuel filters.

The first one contains brass element with thin slots and a knife in the center.

You should turn out a cap nut and turn over a knife axle to scratch dirt off from the filter.

The second and the third are common filters of a cardboard type.

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