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Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles and Haulmark Trailers win $1.58 billion ADF contract


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Shephard Media / July 23, 2013

The Australian Department of Defense has contracted Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) to deliver up to 2,500 new logistics vehicle for the ADF at a cost of €1.1 billion (Australian $1.58 billion).

The DoD announced the contract on 23 July, which is part of Project Land 121 Phase 3B – also known as Project Overlander – that will provide about 2,700 protected and unprotected medium and heavy vehicles.

A contract has also been signed with Haulmark Trailers Australia for up to 2,200 trailers and specialist modules.

Phase 3B was listed as a ‘project of concern’ until 2011, when Rheinmetall MAN was down-selected and the programme was brought back on track.

According to the DoD the vehicles will include medium and heavy recovery vehicles; medium and heavy tractors; heavy integrated load-handling vehicles (self-loading hook lift trucks); and medium-weight tray variants (with cranes and tippers).

‘In a hard-fought contest, Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles Australia overcame rival bids from top European and American competitors thanks to a compelling proposal that met the customer’s demanding specifications in every category,’ the company said.

Deliveries will be ‘starting in 2016, with the contract due for completion in 2020,’ the company added.

Rheinmetall is expected to deliver vehicles from its 4x4 TGA medium military truck; 6x6 SX high mobility truck; and 8x8 HX extreme mobility truck series. These will replace the existing Unimog, Mack and Internatioal S-liner trucks.

Project Overlander first started in 2006 when a request for tenders was put out and a contract awarded to BAE Systems in 2007. However this was recalled amid a political dispute, and the project had to be restarted.




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This marks the beginning of the end for the ADF's family of Mack RM-6866RS 6x6 tactical trucks. Originally ordered in 1981 and refurbished as late as 2004, the Australian Defense Force understood the meaning of "Built Like a Mack Truck" and got decades of service from their very prudent investment.

With the current wind down in U.S. Army truck purchases in mind, this would have been a nice deal for Oshkosh.






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Just think of all the surplus Mack RM's soon to be available, wonder what it would cost to import one?

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Australia Extends Military Trucks Order

Defense Update  /  July 25, 2018

The Australian Defense Forces (ADF) is extending the current LAND 121 Phase 3B Project to run through 2024. Under the new program – Land 121 Phase 5B – the Australian subsidiary of German-based Rheinmetall Man Military Vehicles (RMMV) will supply more than a thousand logistical vehicles, and 800 payload modules and trailers, to the Australian Defense Forces (ADF) between 2019 and 2024 under a contract worth a total of A$1.4 billion.

Under the LAND 121 Phase 3B program, RMMVA is currently delivering 2,536 protected and unprotected military logistic trucks, and 3,858 locally produced trailers and payload modules from its Brisbane-based integration facility. The new order will be an addition to that program.


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Me kno nut n bout MAN

but any truck or machine iz only az good az the backup n service

MAN R very very thin on the ground in Oz

have heard the military save wear n $$$ by cart n the MAN z around wen MT

Dun think there will B much resale $$ n demand wen the military pension  m off in years to cum



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On 7/28/2013 at 10:55 PM, rsb502 said:

Just think of all the surplus Mack RM's soon to be available, wonder what it would cost to import one?

There's not many left. They've been selling them Off over the last (at least) 4 years.



Here's the latest upcoming Auction.





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Australia orders 211 German “Boxer” wheeled armoured vehicles

Defense Blog  /  August 17, 2018

Australia has awarded Rheinmetall an order for 211 Boxer wheeled armoured vehicles worth a total of €2.1 billion (AUD3.3 billion).

The contract was signed at Parliament House in Canberra today by the Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull and the Managing Director of Rheinmetall Defence Australia Gary Stewart. Delivery of the advanced 8×8 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRV) will take place between 2019 and 2026.

The selection of the Boxer CRV ensures Rheinmetall will play a key role in the comprehensive modernisation of the Australia’s armed forces. Mr Turnbull first announced his government’s intention to order the fleet of Boxer vehicles in March 2018.

Rheinmetall AG Chief Executive Armin Papperger said it was a great honour for the company to be chosen as a partner by the Australian Government at such an important time for the ADF.

“This demonstrates, in no uncertain terms, the continued successful cooperation between Rheinmetall and the Government and Armed Forces of Australia,” Mr Papperger said. “As a company, we are extremely pleased to have secured one of the biggest orders in the recent history of Rheinmetall.”

The Boxer vehicle is already in service with, or being procured by, the armed forces of Germany, the Netherlands and Lithuania. The ADF will introduce several variants of the Boxer with the reconnaissance variant – accounting for 133 of the 211 vehicles – equipped with Rheinmetall’s cutting-edge Lance turret system and armed with a 30mm automatic cannon.

The Boxer CRV was selected after rigorous trials conducted by the ADF. Under Australia’s LAND 400 Phase 2 selection process, the Boxer CRV was chosen in 2016 as one of two candidates for Risk Mitigation Activity trials where the 8×8 wheeled armoured vehicle performed convincingly in the categories of survivability, mobility, firepower, and command & control.

Rheinmetall is co-operating closely with Australian defence industry, having established a strong, highly effective team in the country. A significant share of the industrial value added during production of the Boxer will take place in country. More than 40 Australian companies will be included in the programme.

Head of Rheinmetall’s Vehicle Systems Division Ben Hudson said the Boxer CRV is the most capable, survivable and adaptable field-armoured fighting vehicle available today.

“The Boxer CRV is highly protected against both asymmetric threats that have been faced by Australian soldiers in recent operations, while also being highly protected against conventional battlefield threats that our soldiers may face one day in a conventional war-fighting scenario,” Mr Hudson said.

“We look forward to building on our successful Land 121 program and extending the trustful partnership we have with the Australian Government and our Australian suppliers and partners into Land 400 to deliver an outstanding combat vehicle to the Australian Army.”

Mr Stewart said production of the Boxer vehicles would take place in a dedicated new facility in Queensland in partnership with the Queensland Government.

“This will allow us to establish as sovereign military vehicle industry in Australia that will underpin the enduring partnership with the Government to design, manufacture, deliver, support and modernise this world-leading capability,” Mr Stewart said.


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