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Gas Air Compressor's

Deere Mack

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Hello everyone! Looking at buying a new gas air compressor and would like hear everyone's input. I need to keep it around the $2k range. I'll be using it mainly for my heavy equipment repair and service, blowing out radiators and filters etc. Here's what I've got it narrowed down too, but I'm open to suggestions. Let me know what you think and thanks!





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Quincy Makes good compressors, Im kinda partial to Ingersoll Rand but some people dont want to pay the money, I had one that was 9 or 10 years old and had something like 3000hrs on it and it still did great, had to replace the engine twice but the compressor and tank were fine.

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The Quincy's are nice but to get one with comparable specs is out of my range. I like the IR Compressors but there's a $539 difference between the NorhStar that has almost identical specs. The Chicago Pneumatic is comparable too with a $177 difference. That's based on the best deals I've found. They all have the Honda GX390 engine. I think any of the three would do the job. I've listed a comparison below but I can beat the price on the IR and CP, it's just for comparison.


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Yeah, I need some air volume..Got a Deere 200C excavator and 750C dozer. Cleaning the radiators and cooling coils can be a fun job, not to mention the cab and air filters. Never had a real good compressor, I think mine runs about 6 CFM. Good enough for around the house and shop, but the time has come! I never have been a fan of all the throw away stuff these days, I like buying things to keep.

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I Had a Compair Kellogg before they quit making the whole unit (now they just make the compressor & that's it) . & also a Quincy as well . both were great compressors. never been around the smaller service truck IR Compressors so I cant speak of them .

I Ran both daily for 12 to 15 yrs & believe or not a buddy of mine is still using both of them now on his service trucks as I sold them to him 8 yrs ago so he could cut down on service calls when his roll offs blew a tire .

Had Kohler 12.5 hp Motors on both w/175 psi & 30 gal tanks . & they ran all my air tools from air drills, 1/2 ,3/4 & 1" air drills , my air grease pump , & what ever else I had air driven on my 89 F250 Ford service truck @ the time . could blow radiators & filters out w/ease & both never gave a minutes trouble . I had 3/8 & 1/2 hoses on mine .

I Highly recommend Quincy Compressors .

If I had to buy another new compressor for a service truck it would be a Quincy .


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I just bought one last year for my service truck from Tractor Supply on sale for 1,800 bucks I don't rem. what the hell the hp was but it is your typ. horz. tank (60gl?) elect. start it handles my 1 inck IR tire gun with no prob.


PS I always thought quincy was a better compressor, but I have a Northstar 220 elct. in my shop that I bought used at an auction over 12 years ago and it's still runnin strong..

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I have the Northern Tool that is just a bit smaller. It works fine for the 1 inch impact. Just have to wait a minute when putting the final torque on the lugs. starts right up. took the large plug off the end and got a bushing to fit 1/2 inch hose.

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Compressor ordered! I think any of the compressors in this topic would serve anyone well. I decided to go with the deere which is made by Mi-T-M Corporation, just dressed out in deere green (Deere gave me the best deal). There were two main reasons for my decision, one is the 29 CFM @ 175PSI (wow, so a lower PSI will have more CFM), the other is my deere dealer is with in 5 miles from me for service and there is also a Mi-T-M service/dealer about another 5 down the road. So parts or service shouldn't be a problem if a problem occurs. I appreciate eveyones help and I hope this topic helps some other dude in the future. I've listed my decision below for referrence. Thanks!





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