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Couple Apell Mack's

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Couple Mack's at Apell auto sales

A nice v8


This Superliner looked clean but looked more like a quick paint job with little prep.


I thought this would make a nice motorhome chaise then I looked at the frame pretty nice work they got all 3 splices on one truck, the good news is they covers the splice with paint that will hold it. Yes there's no innerplating just one single rail.


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Last time I was there I tried to buy that R700,it has a 318 Detroit,they didn't like my offer,think they wanted $4K.Hood is pretty busted up in the front,

They had 2 of those quicky red painted Superliners,one was a '87 with a E9 they musta sold it,were asking $19500,that one there is a '79 or 80 and they are asking $15500.

The RS is a '74,pretty sure it's been re-cabbed,they are asking $7500 for it,Guess that's plenty considering the frame.

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There are a bunch of trucks that show up at the RB Auction in Morris with the same quick red paint. They all have the same paint graphics on them. I have heard that they come from a place that puts wrecked trucks back together

I think they come from Hribar up in Wisconsin.

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Seems like 99% of the equipment at Apell has a fatal flaw of some kind. That poor superliner has Reyco susp. or all the frame splices on that RS. It would be a challenge to find something normal there. We bought two RS mixers out there and it was an adventure. Looks like the MH was normal and it was saved from siting there a long time.

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Dad and I had an all out bargaining session with old man Apell. The 3 of us went back and forth and it got loud and crazy. The whole time the secretary just rolled her eyes at him. The line of the day from old man Apell was that he doesn't sell trucks, he sells the folder with all of the paperwork for a particular truck, once you have the folder you can get your truck.

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