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OH OK, I remermber when growing up, it was a big event waiting for April 1st and the spring thaw for the crushing plant here in town to start up after closing Oct 31st. All the piles would be sold through the winter and they never ever made enough inventory because of not wanting to pay taxes on it. My brother and I had 2 Dodge dumps working in the yard under the bins averaging 110 loads a day to the various stock piles. This was before they used belting systems to do it, I have to say working those trucks, put us through school. The 2 ton got $4.25/hr w/ driver and the 3 Ton $5.50/hr w/ driver.........Paul (Attached only known picture I have of the 3 Ton, big 6 cylinder Chrysler Industrial Engine in it, 2 carbs, 2 intake manifolds, 2 heads, 2 exhaust manifolds, air brakes, loved that truck)


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