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2007 Mack CHN613 Rawhide(Parts or Rebuild)


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Wrecked 2007 Rawhide Edition CHN613,E7-460 480 hp.,489K miles,approx. 3k miles on factory rebuilt Mack 18 speed trans.,44k Mack rears on air ride,3:94 ratio. Truck was laid over on right side and declared totaled by the insurance company. We removed some of the damaged items while swapping parts onto it's replacement and I don't think the cab damage is near as bad as they said(they said it needed new cab,but they only went by pics,never inspected it in person,WTF???)It has rear corner damage where the stack pushed in and the windshield post is slightly tweaked.I had a local body man look it over and he said it was very repairable.The door is undamaged.The sleeper,70" midrise,has minor skin damage on side and on back where the headache rack rubbed it.He said the hood looked repairable,also,but will need alot of work around the headlight and grille area.Right fuel tank is dented but would pop out.The truck ran for a few minutes while on it's side but we've ran Lucas in it religiously,I'm guessing at most it would need the bearings checked to be safe.So much for the damage.

We removed the following to put on the replacement truck,tires & wheels(it has 6 steel wheels and roller tires on it now),half fenders,fifth wheel,trim under sleeper and cab,tool boxes,headache rack,deck plate,sunvisor,and rear light bar & mudflaps.I have the other trim(it didn't have chicken lights,the wrecked one did),sunvisor(short stainless)and fifth wheel(had too short of pedastal) that will go with truck.It also has an APU,but the box will need replaced/repaired.It also needs a bumper,but I have a new takeoff I had for a spare that I'd include for an extra $700.

We had the truck almost 2 years,it was a very,very clean, dependable strong running truck,it had a new air compressor recently,new oil filter tower gasket,and recent new rear brakes.

Asking $20,000 OBO. Will provide pics to SERIOUS buyers.This is a chance for someone that does there own work to get a damn nice Rawhide,cheap.

This pic is was taken at the Walcott truck show last July.This is the way this truck always looked.


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Knock on wood,the "new" Rawhide we bought at Flag City has been performing great.Grease and oil change is all we've had to do to it,hasn't seen our local dealer's shop yet.The bill's from Iowa 80 and JP Chrome,on the other hand have been pretty substantial.


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