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rw's replacement

mack mhe9

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E-7 is a good motor. By now, the cam should have been changed(had a problem with them).

Good looking unit. I see you still don't want stacks

You will enjoy the axle back for tight areas

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good luck with it,but I've got to warn you,once you've driven a Superliner,nothing else will do,I've tried 3 different CH's,had a '91 set back 42" bunk,400,13 speed,loved the engine and tranny,hated the truck,put up with it for 2 yrs.,traded it for a new '97 set forward axle day cab,427,13 speed,better but still not a Superliner.Had it 2 years,sold it to my brother and went back to a '74 F model till I found my '87 Superliner,drove it 4 years until the double frame started giving me problems,bank wouldn't loan me money to re-rail it,so I bought a '99 set back,50" condo,427,13 speed.It was actually pretty decent,but I have absolutely no regrets parking it when my '86 showed up for sale.

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I wish you luck with the CH, the 400's werent the Cam getters that was the 427 for some reason the 350,400,460 trucks didnt have the same issue, at least not around here. I had the 93 CH with the Vmac 1 400, T2090, 3.86 rears it was a great truck and my friend is still running iit everyday and to my knowledge has never been into the engine. the trans had some issues and got swapped for a reman but hte engine/rears seem to be doing fine 20 years after they were born. I hate to see another Superliner off the road but Im glad it will be saved from the scrap yard, if you ever decide to sell it get with me I want first dibs.

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