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eBay sleeper Mack


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I thought this was on eBay earlier or posted on this site but couldn't find it. I really like this truck and would like to have it in my yard.

I'm not a fan of the trailer and wish it was a tandem instead of a tag axle.

Tags aren't allowed here but not sure about grandfathered as we used to have them

Scared they get stuck too easy in fields


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Its my truck. It would be easier for me to sell if I could dump the trailer first. That might be my next avenue. I would sell the trailer at storage trailer prices too (and its way nicer than that). I don't think I have ever seen an integral sleeper with tandems. They have all had a tag axle. Mack may have made them, but I've never seen one. I'm sure someone with more info can enlighten me. The sleepers are pretty rare.

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