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Another ass biting the seat moment


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Caught that earlier on line, the wrecker driver jumped out, the poor guy in the tractor rode it out to the bottom and wasn't really hurt, amazing.

Several broken bones. Musta hurt a wee bit I'd imagine, but seeing the video I wouldn't have thought he survived.

The comments are even funnier if you read them with a British accent.


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Mine was a redhead.....mmmmmmmmmmmmm memories of my youth....... lol

Probably not, Mine was a redhead with an F.W.D. logo tatooed above her vajayjay.

Well that's awkward. I have got to learn to read ALL of the replies before hitting the POST button.

Thank you, now I have iced tea all over the desk and my shirt.....LOL!!!!!

I have a waterproof cover for my laptop, but I usually remove it before coming on BMT, and before my Wife gets home.


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Don't know any Norwegian at all,but pretty sure i heard "OH SHIT"!!!!!!!!! in there somewhere!...................silly swedes,trucks are for MEN!............................................Mark

Mack Truck literate. Computer illiterate.

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