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Dm, R, Rw......which Are Tougher?

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We have owned the Superdog(RW OR Superliner) the DM & THE R . Personally (just my opinon ) ilkied the DM For a dumptruck short hood easier for tightspots

the R & RW For log & lowboy tractors . plus i liked the Superliner for the avabilty for a 350 + horsepower motor w/ say a 12 spd :mack1: TRANNY To pull a lowboy .

We have had all 3 MODELS as DumpTRUCKS W/ double frames BUT IN THIS APplication i always liked a DM w/ a 237 or 300 w/ double stick 6spd 18k fa & 44k r/a @ 4:17 to 6:17 ratio on camelback for the pulling power off in the dirt . & double framed .

Like i say this just my opion i like all 3 models of :mack1::SMOKIE-LFT::thumb:

later B)

Bulldog aka :mack1:

You Cant Fix Stupid. But You Can Numb It With A Sledgehammer. :loldude:

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My old DM800 has triple frame from stem to stern. Has the 65k rears and 24 inch rubber as well. Has the 2 valves 300 with the 6 speed so the drivetrain is pretty much idiotproof even hauling an average 45 tons. absolutely the finest heavy haulage truck EVER built by any company! The RD800's were the same frame and rears but were just not quite as tough as the dm800's. I have grossed as much as 160,000 on one of my 800's.

The DM800's are the kings with the RD800's a very close second or possibly 1A....lol.

I have seen 1 R Model with the 65k rears over the years but it was originally destined for South America..had a 350 with a 12 speed...was a heckuva truck. Usually the biggest you can get on the R's and rw's are 58k rears. 65 rears can be had..lemme rephrase that...could be had on a dm600. I will say the 200 series rears intro'd in 97 or so are very good rears. With the r's and rw's the sky is the limit on motors..I have seen superliners and rd's with everything from v8's to cat motors and everything in between. On the dm's the 350 was usually the biggest that could be had.

Not sure if I helped ya but hopefully I did a little.

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Wow...I seriously didnt know the Superliner coulda been had with the 65's. Woweeee An E9 500 with 65 rears...yeeeehaaaaaaa. I have drove an e9 just enough to know I really really liked it..lol.

KY Diesel that is pretty much correct with a very few exceptions.

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DM stands for Dump-Mixer, generally with fishbelly frames-a really nice off road truck when equipped with wide floaters.Had to be careful though if you wasn't used to the offset cab a good way to get a sidewall on the right tire pulling on the narrow scales-Kevin

Yup ive seen it happen many times a driver comes out of X Brand truck then gets hired todrive a DM :bulldog1: & OPPS Over the side of scale the tire goes i never done it but then i was raised on WHAT I WAS NAMED AFTER ;) & 1st thing besides a Peice of equipment or B Model was a DM685S that i learned how to drive or operate (i knew how to drive a 2stick :bulldog1: beforei knew how to drive a 1ton truck :lol: )


Bulldog (aka :mack1: )

You Cant Fix Stupid. But You Can Numb It With A Sledgehammer. :loldude:

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