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  1. Thanks 84superdog for thoroughly reading the post and the answer you provided. As stated before it is a vocational truck set up as a tandem dump pulling a tandem pup. It does get unhooked and run straight occasionally depending on the job. I'm not that concerned about fuel economy and only called it a fuel burning pig because it does not put out the work it should for the fuel it burns. We've put 2 fan clutches in at a cost of around $900 each and have pulled and flushed the radiator and the cooler, yet it still heats up when the pup is hooked up and loaded. Because of the light axles and
  2. I'm guessing it's geared tall. Should run the vin and find out for sure. It'll run up to 80 empty with no wind but it's screaming at around 2100rpm. I'm not really concerned about fuel economy as I am about a little more power. I don't expect that much for our trucks since we're doing a lot of gravel running and off road work anyway, but I think a good running e6 300 or 327 would put me to shame.
  3. Yeah I have a feeling the way it's set up that the final gearing is taller than it should be. It does have the T310m trans which I do like for the kind of work I do. It has not had the step 12B update, which it needs as the throttle response sucks and it stumbles sometimes. I'm real surprised that there's not more aftermarket programming support as there is for diesel pickups. You wouldn't think the maps would be all that difficult to adjust using a laptop. Since the mileage already sucks, adding more fuel shouldn't hurt. Those that have installed an aftermarket boost gauge, where did yo
  4. Oh it also does not have the vgt turbo. We have an '05 vision that does and that's been to the dealer many times. Most recently for another turbo, cracked manifold, cracked cooler among other problems.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I can't remember the rear gearing and as far as I know it's always been a dump but originally from Missouri, now in MN where it's flat as a pancake. When we got it, we put the pintle plate on for the pup. It does not have the in dash computer but it does have a pyro that typically runs around 800-850 degrees under load. I'm usually grossing right around 79-80,000 with the pup on. Without I can only legally axle 50K. With no trailer on, temps run fairly normal although you still need to shift at 1750-1800 otherwise it falls on its face. Today bucking a wind at abo
  6. I seriously need to find a solution here. We have an '05 CV713 with the AI370 and its awful. Set up as a tandem dump pulling a tandem pup. When loaded, have to make shifts at 1800 otherwise it falls on its face. Has 14K front and 38K rears running 11R 24's. Best mileage I've gotten was 4.6 but only under perfect conditions with no wind and low 70's outside temps. It's on it's 3rd fan clutch as it seems the fan is controlling the temp. Been to the dealer and they say the fan is running normal duty cycle. I have a hard time believing that the fan should lock up every 53 seconds on averag
  7. I should also add, ever since I've started driving this truck almost 4 years ago now, it's always seemed under powered. Now, I work for my dad who's from the old school and all these electronics are greek to him. For the most part, we never had much trouble with the electronics in the e7 motors, but this one and an '04 Vision have been very problematic. They throw electronic faults constantly, and my Granite tends to cut power every now and then. It's going to the dealer to get the fan clutch to lock and unlock properly but I'm wondering if there's a program update that needs to be done.
  8. Well so far, installed the new fan clutch but it's now locked up all the time. We will be taking it to the dealer as soon as we get the chance. It seems to me that the fan is doing the job of the thermostat. Before replacing the clutch for the second time, it would get hot on the highway or in town, didn't seem to matter. Obviously it would heat up faster when under load but either way the fan should not lock up this often.
  9. Hey guys haven't been on in awhile but am experiencing an issue with my Granite. I've put two fan clutches in it in 3 years. IMO the fan tends to lock up alot. Once warmed up and running down the road the temp climbs to 200 then the fan locks up and pulls it down to 180. If running empty, it may take a couple minutes before climbing back up to 200. Running loaded with the AC on I've actually timed it every 30 seconds or so. It's got the AMI 370 and the MLR 10 speed, 24.5 tires, 14,000 front 38,000 rears. I believe it's a 4.42 ratio but I'm not positive. Also it's a 14ft dump and I typi
  10. Agree with Bigen..had many problems with our '04 cxn. Rides like a cadillac but been to the dealer many times with mostly electronic problems. One turbo and several reprograms.
  11. We have the 460 and an 18 in a 2000 ch and have loved it. It pulls a 40 ft 3 axle side dump and plays with it like a toy. Gets around 5 mpg no matter what. As far as polishing the aluminum I start by sanding with 600 or 800 grit dry then move on to 1000 wet and finish with 2000 wet. Then I start polishing with a heavy cut compound from 3M, then move on to something like wizard's metal renew or mother's, then finish with the Showman's blend polish from a company called English Custom Polish. http://www.englishcustompolishing.com/ I used this process on my factory aluminum rims on my Impala
  12. We've also had issues with our '07 pre dpf mp7's. Both have had cams, under warranty thankfully. We've repaired leaks on the thermostat housings and multiple air leaks from push connect fittings between the chassis and cab because of the air lines being way too tight. Also experiencing poor fuel economy compared to our e7's.
  13. Name: Mack Granite CV713 (2005) Date Added: 09 February 2010 - 03:58 PM Owner: Supertrucker Short Description: 16' Insulated Ox dump box. Purchased as a used asphalt truck. View Vehicle
  14. Three of our trucks fresh out of the shop, all cleaned up and ready for work.
  15. The family with Dad's Road King. Me, Dad Phil, Mom Jackie.
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