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  1. I know I have probaly asked this before- but can anyone please give me the torque and HP numbers on the Maxidyne series from inception to the the begining of the E7 engines ,thanks Kevin
  2. Thanks for the information-you would of had to have seen that setup to-believe it.On top of everything else the service air pressure on the truck had to be up to even engage the compressor to begin with.My former boss ended up paying for Kilos of unnecessary metal.I believe in retrospect I probaly could have designed something cheaper and more effiecent-dont like to haul around Lbs of superflous metal costs money and makes the truck sluggish( 40 K was the cost for the whole setup-tanks deck and all)-Kevin
  3. Well you dont want to overfill it ( ever seen a Diesel run off with to much oil in it?) if its like a E6 or a standard E7 its gonna take at least 8 gals with filters to fill it-find a friend with a C with the same type oil pan & filter setup and mark your dipstick accordingly=Kevin PS I believe the Luberfiners are bypass- not primary filters also-so the pressurised oil probaly shouldn't run directly through it.
  4. No not really-I' ve never seen Water Larm units-unless Kysor units will work.Am sure some Mack mechanics or Cummins guys have the info you need-we have a 86 RD that has a Kysor alarm that will actually shut the engine down lf you lose the coolant-sounds like your ol Mack was well equipped in its day-Kevin
  5. Fix them,if not to much trouble, I always lamented the fact that a lot of older Caterpillar equipment didnt have this feature[ warped heads or spun bearings are no fun]some people didnt like the buzzers or lights and if it is a Kysor setup it may have been able to to shut the motor down-Kevin
  6. Believe I have seen this warning on some of the newer Macks too.Thanks for the info guys-Kevin
  7. What are the thoughts on the new concept camless engines?I had this idea probaly 30 yrs ago=Kevin
  8. Started in B's & DM's but grew to to love the R models-would love the chance to own a new R-model-Kevin
  9. Many ways to do this-series paralell switches, switch it over to 12 volts- hard on the pinion or bendix&maybe the flywheel teeth-You can run the starter motor on 12 volts (but it really will whiz) be careful when you mix batteries so you dont get a short(KWorths were a nightmare at times) you could mount a small 12V altenator to charge to charge a fairly large isolated battery to run your accesories.-You can charge 2 six volt batteries on your system easy if they are connected in paralell. Finally -you could mount a large 12V battery and charge it externally occasionally to power the 12V stuff and by large batteries I mean a group 4D or 8D and JC Whitney used to carry a 6V -S1 type altenator-By the way I do like old stuff old generators are pretty easy to keep going-Hope this is a little help and not too confusing-Kevin
  10. Makes sense- now what was the cool power specs? Kevin
  11. What kind of mill did that mack have in it? Didnt sound like Mack to me-Kevin
  12. 2 filter engines-32 qts with the filters-Kevin
  13. As you well know some diesel fuel isnt the best quality- I've seen demos of engines run on straight vegtable oils-if the lubricity and btu content and viscosity are right-then I believe it would be a matter of moisture content,purity&cloud point,etc-Kevin
  14. messed up- added reply twice-Rudolph Diesel orignally designed Deisel engine to use vegetable oil-KM
  15. The Soy oil shouldnt hurt-be leary of the alcohol however.Isnt big brother great? if they add anymore safety equipment on new vehicles they will truly be unaffordable-Do antilock brakes actually function on trucks now? I know I still despise them on small vehicles .IMHO the shoulder belts were the greatest and best safety device ever put on a vehicle only second to a good defensive safe driver and the truckers are among the best-Kevin
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