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  1. Yep...we is in the sticks BUT my elders all came from good ole USA...yep both sides...lols& proud of it...
  2. Saskatchewan ,Canada ... ..Have checked all over for rebuild or new one ...was hoping people on forum could help..
  3. Hello Everyone ... We need to replace our 24 volt starter on our 1956 B63 Mack Truck...This starter has the solenoids in the truck cab under the seat...The starter is 24 volts but lights etc are 12 volt... Anyone have idea where we can get one to replace this starter... All help appreciated Joyce
  4. Adding more info ...hope I can explain it correctly...there are 2- 12 volt batteries and 2- solenoids ...what we can figure is one battery actifies(sp) one solenoid and the other battery does the other solenoid...someone said its a parallel hookup ? whatever that means... How do we check the solenoids ... We rebuilt starter by putting new brushes in ...
  5. We are needing the wiring diagram for our 1956 B63 ...Hope someone can help us or tell us where to find out ... Thanks Joyce
  6. hey there Truck nut I put a few pics up in my album.....I'm not sure where you wanted the pics put.....LOL Thanks Joyce&John " Where ever our Mack goes its safe for a D7 caterpiller"
  7. Ours is a 1956 B63 Mack....we use it to haul tree length timber for distance of 25 miles....It is used every winter for this job....We have a picker mounted on her and use it to load& unload....also to sort the logs and carry them to our sawmill.....Shes one great girl.....Thanks Joyce
  8. Can a 631GC5134 X model 53B085 turbo be used in place of::631GC5134 P6X model 53B087 turbo???? got the engine in but now the turbo isn't working Joyce
  9. Thanks everyone....its 34 qts..... I'll be happy when all the changeover is done Probably you guys will be also!!!! Joyce
  10. we are wondering what are the capacities for 237 engine or where to find out
  11. Hi there Herb...ours is the wrong one I guess so have to figure something else out.... Also another question.....maybe you can tell me where to find out.... "How does Interaxle power divider work...also installed...a power divider lockout" There must be some place to get this info!!!!lol Thanks from the Saskatchewan dummy Joyce
  12. We are needing to know info on air cleaners....will the cleaner off the END 673 supply enough air for the 237 engine? or should we look for something different? Joyce
  13. We have purchased a 237 engine to replace a END673 in a B63 Mack Can someone tell us what to watch for? All help appreciated.... We can see theres differences in clutch diameter ???!!! HELPPPP!!! Joyce
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