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Hello to all,

I am new to this site and I was hoping to get some helpful information. I am in the process of helping my cousins widow in liquidating some of his collection of vehicles. One is a 1948 EF Mack that is great shape. It has been in indoor storage for years. He originally planned on turning this into a tow truck. The truck looks to be fairly complete. The cab and fenders are in excellent shape. The rest of the truck looks great. He has alot of the parts to make this into a wrecker. The wrecker body is in real bad shape, but he was going to use it as a template to make a new one. The Mack has all the drive train and was running when he pulled it into the warehouse where it is presently. All the glass, chrome, emblems, etc. are on the truck in good shape. The doors open and close like a new rig. I lots of pictures if anyone is interested. I don't know where to start on the listing value of this truck and hope one of you will be able to. Thanks for your time----Terry


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Terry, If you go to the "wanted" section of this site there is a current thread where someone is looking for an ED model ( slightly lighter than the EF ). One is offered for $40,000. I really don't know the value on the open market, but your EF looks very good and should bring a high dollar. I have some old photos of a wrecker like the EF that was for sale back in the sixties. I was just a kid but I wanted to buy it, but I was shot down by my parents. Steve

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