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B61 Seat Colours

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Hi, my b613 has badly torn brown seats in it, ive noticed pics of same models with green and even black seats. Was there a set colour as per interior paint or did it change over the years? Were they done originally in leather or vinyl? Im wanting to reupholster soon and would like to keep it as standard as possible. Any info would be appreciated.


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The original B model upholstery was a brown imitation leather looking vinyl.

Yup, you could have any color you wanted as long as it was brown. Didn't matter if the interior was brown, or the much more common green.


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Yep, industrial brown. If I was going to recover a seat I would use a product called Allante. It is a soft vinyl that looks like leather. It was used in boats as it is UV stable, cleans easily, looks great, and feels like leather. Pick a color that you are happy with. I have a gray leather bench from a Caravan in my Mack. It doesn't look too outta place but was cheap and easy and very comfortable.

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My truck only had one seat in it and it was pretty ragged,so I had it recovered black and moved it to the passenger side and put a seat out of a wrecked T-800 on the driver's side.It was gray,but it came out of my best friend's truck who died of a heart attack,so I left it as-is.They look pretty much the same in the picture though.

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My old B-42, vintage 1962, still has the original brown seat covers. The driver's seat is very torn and worn, but both seats have breathing holes stamped in the backs and possibly the bottoms too (I can't remember) Seems like a circular pattern starting in the middle of the seat cushion.


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