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[New BMT Blog Entry] Maxville's Improper use of tools Blog - Air Hammers Rule!

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OK I ask every one to add to this one!!!

My single favorite tool in my shop is the air hammer!!! ( followed closely by the flame wrench)

I figure out a new use for it almost daily..... (feel as if i'm writing a 5th grade essay)

I think between me and everyone else here we should be able to come up with at least 101 uses for the air hammer. (don't forget the safety glassses)

I will number mine as I remember them.....

1. Most common use in my shop is the "hard to get on with a wrench" hydraulic fitting. I can remove virtually any sized hydraulic fitting with an air hammer exclusively.

2. Brake drum removal.

3. Throttle lever (breakover arm) on an ambac v-8 pump on an e-9 injection pump. used that one today to get the bastard back on.

4. rattling a frozen clutch loose for adjustment.

5. removing frame bolts

6. rattling rust loose from a truck frame (before sandblasting)

7. tie rod ends (not using the pickle fork)

8. chipping frozen Manure off the side of my manure tanks (that ones a bit messy)

9. remove a snarled mess of plastic twine string from manure beaters, sharp spade bit for that one. (use it to cut them off)

10. removing bearing races from shafts

11. breaking hard nuts loose.

There is my start to this blog......... I will add to it as i remember them or create new uses please do so also!!

Oh by the way my weapon of choice is a Snap-On ph3050 with quick attach

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12. Drove out the brake caliper pins on Ford Super Duty.

13. U-joints out.

14. Break loose the large screws holding brake drums on old Dodge trucks ('40 era). Put the chisel tip in the slot, quick burst, and they come out easier.

15. Annoy co-workers :tease:

#1 on A-model registry

If I drink because of work, why can't I drink at work?

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LOL,very versatile tool,I was very impressed

the first time I used the sheet metal bit.

chisel the bolts off brake linings

drive nails out of tires

frozen pins in slack adjusters

and with a home made bit,remove old floor tiles from my sons basement floor

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:( nobody lets me use power tools.

Me neither. All I get to play with is a steel ball in a padded room, and my bare hands.


Dog.jpg.487f03da076af0150d2376dbd16843ed.jpgPlodding along with no job nor practical application for my existence, but still trying to fix what's broke.



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