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  1. Don,I know what you'll be doing in your spare time for awhile. Nice find,I know you will do it proud.I would go for a 60" Bentz or a 63'' Pete sleeper myself.By the way I found another alcohol evaporator,you can have it,we'll meet up sometime. Steve
  2. Nice set of pictures Tom.I still see an old Kw like that once in awhile,nice sight.I dont think the pretty girl was selling burgers,just buns.I see a black KW like yours up my way from time to time with a R.C. Moore van trailer. I know it's not you 'cause I never see pics of my old Superliner in your weeks stuff. keep up the good work, Steve
  3. Thanks for the pics Ray. Hate to hear of fatal accidents,we all got to pay more attention.I like the Pete grill thing,where is that at?I just loved the 4200 and 4300 models.In the mid 70's I worked at an IH dealer and had a lot of hands on with them.Most were good old 318 Detroits,had a couple VT903's we sold too.Nice roomy trucks and mechanic freindly to boot.Did you get to McDevitt's this week? Steve
  4. I recall on the early 1076 and 1078 5 speeds the clutch brake was spring loaded so you couldn't shear the ears off them.That was so they could be used for shifting.I'm sure the early 6 speeds had this also. Steve
  5. Hey Ray,if those were Duramaxs you could have thought of me,mine is getting tired.Did I see you on 81 Northbound in the rest area North of Scranton Friday early AM?Steve
  6. Mike sorry to hear about that.Hope you have a quick recovery.Oh,I'm sure Nurse Goodbody isn't looking too good nowadays herself. Steve
  7. The Fuller is an easier shifting trans., and in my opinion a better choice.They are cheaper to replace/rebuild and the syncros are less trouble. Steve
  8. It's a simple swap.You need to get a Mack bellhousing on the Fuller,a set of mounts that bolt to the bell,the driveshaft will need to be made longer,You have to get a tranny with the right shift cover opening placement fot the lever.And of course a lever and knob.Cameratos can supply everything you need and give a good allowance for the Mack tranny.I have converted several and have used them,good to deal with. Steve
  9. Vlad,the 4" is 4 inch N.P.T. (National pipe thread) which is about 4 3/8" outside diameter. Tank looks great.Your work is always first class. Steve
  10. I might be a little old fashioned,but I just hate air dryers.I have seen more problems with frozen purge valves pissing and not building air,people not draining their air tanks 'cause they have a dryer,then freezing up later.I put a quart of alcohol in the wet tank and don't drain the tanks 'til the end of the week in the winter .When I drain the tanks I leave the cocks open 'til I'm ready to go again.Did this 40 years ago and still do today and never have a problem.In the good weather I drain the tanks every day and leave the cocks open 'til it's time to go.I would never own a dryer or spend
  11. Nice pics Ray. Like the old W900. Good to see the Volvo out and about. Steve
  12. I remember when I was a youngster(16 to 18) there was a pair of these R700 Macks that would stop at Johnies bar .They were beer haulers from Schlitz I think. They were painted gold and had non turbo 903's in them.They were from the Allentown/Bethlehem area .The drivers would stop in for a cold one before they drove the mile or so to Batavia NY. I recall they didn't have bulldogs on hood,just a grabhandle to open it with.That was 1972 to 74 . Steve
  13. Nice looking RW!.Looks like you were a lucky dog in that KW. Good luck with the Mack. Steve
  14. Ray,nice looking truck.You know I'm a huge 60 series fan.I can't think of a better,more reliable engine out there.I can't argue with the huge numbers of Volvos out there.Everyone who drives one raves about the great ride,visibility,and so on. I wish you the very best with it and feel you made a good decision. Steve
  15. Ray,just joking,wouldn't know what to do without her.I'm brave 'cause she never looks on this forum.What happened to the RW?
  16. Ray,the 427's we had ran as good as the 454's That would be my choice. I'm not real serious about selling my old jalopy,just thought I would throw that out to test the waters.You know me,I'm always selling or buying something.I've got my wife listed on Ebay now,and the reserve is low. Steve
  17. Ray,that would be V-mack One. They were in my opinion the best version of all. They just used a Robert Bosch P series pump with a few electronic controls.Very reliable and simple.We ran alot of these and had little trouble.We had a guy in Elmira who would tune these with a laptop and get good power and economy. Steve
  18. If it has the 6 speed you dont want the 350.The 350 doesn't have the operating range of a 237 or 300 Maxidyne.It wont stand to be lugged. Just a thought. And I have a couple of wetline kits,with or without tanks,direct mount or shaft driven.Send me a pm and let me know your needs. Thanks,Steve
  19. Hi Ray. I think 10 th is actually direct.I really like this setup.I was going to use 3.90 rears but went for the 3.70 instead.My low is still slow enough to start on a grade,but always start in low when loaded.Good hearing from you. Steve
  20. Maybe with a big tailwind, and a downgrade. I keep it in 11th gear,at about 1600 rpm it's 65 mph. Plenty fast for me. Steve
  21. Here's a nice one that could be yours.350 2VH,RTOO14613. DS/RS 404 3.70 ratio on AL40.Full 11R-24.5 on hub piloted all aluminum wheels. Steve
  22. The service bulliten says 10" plus or minus 1/4" from bottom of frame to center of axle. Steve
  23. Looking good Ray! Glad to see it up and about. I'm sure we'll see more of it now . Steve
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