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  1. Cylinder is connected to trucks air tank. Just can't find my old Kysor wiring diagrams.
  2. There is no leading or trailing shoe, they are the same. The color on the edge along with the printing is simply for identification. How much difference is there in the thickness? If it is alot it is possible they mixed Q and Q+ shoes in the same box. I was never impressed with they quality of Meritor reman shoes.
  3. Perfectly legal on a truck. Key is casing and cap quality. Any concerns run them on the drive or trailer for a trip or two. If it's a bad cap it will show up pretty quick.
  4. Do you mean a complete air drier or just the dessicant cartridge replaced? If just the cartridge, was the purge valve rebuilt and possibly cut an O-ring? I would suspect a bad check valve on either the drier or the wet tank. It will bleed air out the purge valve if one of them is leaking.
  5. Glad to help. $212 for a drum sounds a little steep. Yes usually close enough is good enough in production. You will go nuts trying to match 'precision' to it.
  6. Rob, If you've never replaced a kingpin just note that it only gets welded on the top flange not on the shank.
  7. What is the date and actual location of Macungie.
  8. I'm wondering if this thing has hydraulic release parking brakes. If so bleed the parking cylinder last.
  9. Try vacuum bleeding them. They take ALOT of fluid to bleed all the air out. I spent a couple hours bleeding one wheel end.
  10. If the tag is there yet, it is on the underside of the transverse beam air spring mounting plate.
  11. None of the cooling system is interchangable between the BC 3&4. BC 4's are a pain, better to find a BC3.
  12. Sounds like the air dryer needs serviced also.
  13. Sounds like the check valve in the drier is leaking by. It is the fitting that goes to the air tanks.
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