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  1. Its been a while havent been able to get online much!

    1. umodelnut


      Hey! You havent been on in awhile!

    2. billythekid


      i know it how you makin out with you umodel?

    3. umodelnut


      Good, started it for the first time with the new cab.

  2. Finally found some parts for my old 1950 kw i was wonderin if someone near ct was goin to ca or know some who is. please let me know thanks!
  3. Well im back havent been on in a bit here and i have horrible news! somebody back into the hood on my rd wrecked the driver side fender i managed to refiberglass it and its tight but the bar on the bottom of the hood is bent! My question is can you buy the part from mack still or no i did buy the plastic headlight panel but im not sure about that bar on the bottom if anybody knows let me know thank's!
  4. That is a nice tralier randy but yours is more of a beaver tail not sure if thats what hes looking for?
  5. Ya Phil is great. He is working on something for me as well too.
  6. Wow that is a good find right there definitely a rare truck.
  7. Alright thanks ya because it is the one that goes around the tank so ill go on grandrock and see what they got.
  8. Ive got to replace my elbow on my mack as well as the muffler does anybody know if mack made a chrome or stainless elbow?
  9. You know what Vinny your better off purchasing a new one like Matt said i mean for 180 buck's it's Brand new you know but ill look what i have i think i got some stuff out in the parts trailer ill take a look
  10. I think i might have one on a old thermodyne let me look and ill get back to ya.
  11. So it leaks when your tralier brakes are realesed and the tralier wont move like the brakes are on? it is feeding back from the tralier. i had the same problem on our t800 tractor so i cleaned the brake valves on the tralier and found a pice of crap in one of the valves try that if that is what your problem is with it.
  12. Do you still have the original belt's?
  13. Rear ends are fun

    1. Rob


      Depends. Some smell terrible. My dog really thinks they smell good however.

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