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  1. Thanks for the response. I was thinking that a 3 or 5 ton hoist would be sufficient. I am going that route vs the loader, as I want a bit more control over what is going on and I can keep it in the shop. The trans is an 18speed quadruplex.
  2. Good morning guys. I am in the process of removing the engine and trans from my B73. As they were both working fine, I was thinking of pulling them both out together, and not separating them. Can anyone give me a rough weight estimate? I would like to try a manual chain hoist instead of the payloader. Thinking of purchasing a 5 ton chain hoist for this project. Just trying to figure out if this has been done by anyone before, or if I should not attempt to do it together. I want to get them out in order to scrape off 50 years of grease on the frame before a good sandblasting and repaint
  3. Made a trip down to Illinios to look at a cab. My luck, found 2 that were in good shape. Met a great Mack guy named Bill that made me an offer on both I couldnt refuse to take for them both. With a title and power steering assist assembly to boot. Loaded em up on Saturday morning and were back home on the farm by noon. Lost a little rust on the highway trip home, but no issues with Johnny FunWrecker. Bill was a great help and had alots of the Mack parts I needed. These two pieces will come in handy for the restoration of my other ones. He had just sold his 1920 AC Mack a couple of days
  4. very nice. I am about to get to doing that on my B73. Just waiting to pull the engine and trans.
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