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  1. The finer strands of the welding cable not only make it more flexible, but also enables it to carry higher current for the same size as compared to battery cable. So generally you can run 1 size smaller for the same amperage. Do not for get, a 12 volt starter will draw twice the amps of a 24 volt starter, so 12 volt heavier cables! Paul
  2. Scotty I sent you a message. Paul
  3. For Sale Chrome shell for B model Mack. Nice for a driver some scuffing and some pitting. Possible delivery to Lititz, can deliver to Hershey AACA meet. $350
  4. I installed a turbo on my old 673. It is not on the road yet so I do not know how it will hold up. One BIG!! difference between the turbo and non turbo engines is the use of the Syncro-Advance on the injection pumps. I installed a pump from a turbo engine, NO Syncro-Advance.
  5. I think you would have to change oil pan, water pump housing, and flywheel cover to install it in an upright position. On the B67 I cut up the flywheel cover was only drilled for the angled position. The water pump housing is offset to center the fan. Paul
  6. Randy Try D&W Clutch in MD. 410-235-8829. They will tell you if they can help you, but you will have to go thru one of their distributors. I went to Cyphers in Stroudsburg. Paul
  7. Freightrain What size tires are you running? I have the same rear and I am installing a 5 X 3 single over trans.
  8. Scott Check with http://www.jhdiesel.com/Schwitzer.htm , I beliveve they were going to sell me a center cartridge with the pin wheels for a decent price. All you needed were the air and exh. housings from your old one. Paul
  9. I put chips of Irish Spring on paper plates in my cars I store. Also I DO NOT put any poison in that building. To the rodents poison is food, if there is food for them they will be there.
  10. 12 volt starter will draw higher amps, therefore needs heavier cables. You might be getting a voltage drop with the old cables and burning up the starter?
  11. The adjustment is for the thrust button or thrust bearing for up and down play [ so that the axle is riding on the bearing instead of the spindle]. It Will Not take up play made by worn pins and or bushings.
  12. If I was going to replace my '95 Dodge Cummins [not likely to happen] 1st. another Dodge 2nd. Ford 3rd. Duramax
  13. Barry Maybe you would know for sure what truck they were for, but the company I work for had some aluminum covers chromed and attached a brass MACK emblem to them for a special edition truck. Paul
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