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  1. I think they would just about build anything they could. But you got to think of it like this do you want a purebred bulldog or a mutt
  2. I don't know how to explain it to you any better. but let me tell you that once you master the Mack 12 speed it will be the best transmission you can have behind that E9
  3. I have had all 3 engines the e6 300 and the e7 400 and the e9 500 they were all in dumptrucks going on and off road all engines had the power and were very dependable I cut back to just 1 truck now and the one I keepped was the e9 just turned 750,000 and I just did a in frame overhual had no trouble getting parts just need to fine the right Mack dealer hope this helps P.S. (after driving the e9 you can not go back to the other engines)
  4. Hi I have the same problem with my E9. I was told to fill with any kind of high temp sealent when cold and hope it slows down till carbin can plug up. I tried some stuff call Good Stuff but it did not work. I will be watching hope someone can help
  5. Hello !!! I think the last year for the E9 was 1994 or 1995 I got one in my 95 CL but I put it in, :bmod2: it was a glider kit just majored it had 977,500 miles on it but once you got one there is no going back to the 6 cyl.
  6. I have the 12 speed with my E9 500 it is a great combo. I have a log truck so I'm on and off road. Can't go wrong with that combo if you ask me.
  7. The last 2 I put on were Mack reman starters and the one before that was a brand new one and it lasted about as long as the reman ones
  8. The CL was a glider I had a E6 ready to go and I put it in till I found the E9 I wanted. I worked the truck and saved some $$$ and then put the big motor in. And thanks for all the feedback on starter problem
  9. Hello All About 8 years ago I took a E6 out of my 1995 CL and put in a E9 500 that had a 24 volt starter I changed it to a 12 volt and ever since about every 1 1/2 to 2 years the starter has to be replaced I have had other Mack trucks over the years and have never had problems like this. Do the E9's need the 24 Volt starters for some reason Thanks !!!!!!!!!!
  10. I drive that same set up in my log truck everyday the E9 and the Mack 12 speed is just great they go together like Andy and Barny once you get the hang of it, it will be the best thing you ever drove
  11. Up Date just to let you all know I got the big E9 back on the road. I ended up taking it to Flag City Mack and they did a in frame for me had cam and fuel pump done all so. Very happy with the work they did and they really seam to know about the E9 a lot more so then other Mack Dealers I have talked too Happy Macking Talk Later !!!!!!
  12. thanks for the info I'm going to start in on it on Wed. and see what I get in to
  13. Hello to all I have got a E9 500 in a 1995 CL700 I built this truck it is a glider got 600,000 miles and the cam want out Im thinking about rebuilding the motor Im in Ohio and wanted to know if any one can give me a price on a overhual or get me close Im starting on it next week and would like to get some feedback Thanks Too All Mack700
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