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  1. We did a Both head gaskets on the Left side with new Fire rings. #4 fire ring burned through. Problem solved!
  2. The sleeves looks great super clean. There is not any carbon build up on them. As for the counter bore do you have to pull the liner to inspect that?
  3. Need help! I have air pushing back into the radiator. No water in oil. Disconnected compressor still over presure within a minute have to leave radiator cap loose to keep from blowing up expansion tank. Pulled heads no cracks. Head gaskets looks fine. Exhaust valves and the top of cylinders 7 & 8 have alot of build up on them. All cylinder sleeves look great. Is there anyone out there that has any idea what else could be causing this.
  4. Need advise on how to downshift. Can't get into gear. I have purchased a 1988 RW713 Superliner E9 motor. Do not know the made of trans. It is a 12 speed w 4 air selection on the shifter ( H,D,N,R ). Upshifts fine.
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