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  1. Can anyone direct me to a web site that lists the torque specs of these and other engines? Thanks
  2. Hello. I am new to the forum and am looking for some info/advice. I am on the hunt for a dump truck and am looking at a couple Macks. One is a 1993 with a 500 hp V8 and the other is a 1996 with a 400 hp E7. The 93 has 550,000 km and the 96 has 350,000 km. where can I find technical info on these two power plants. I have located general info on the Mack site for the E7 but cannot find anything on the V8. I will be pulling a dump trailer (not a pup) with my purchase so am looking for some help on making a choice. Any info on what to watch for as far as inherant problems with a Mack would be helpful as well. Thanks from the new guy
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