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  1. B61 Bill

    Good Week

    other dog, When you were in Moneta the other day you were pretty close to my place. I'm 2 1/2 miles from Rt 122. Did you drop off at Blue Ridge? or maybe at one of the local lumber yards. Bill
  2. I remember, which I believe was on the old boards, a section on Transmissions Data. It listed just about every trans ever put in a Mack, shift patterns, gear ratios, etc. I searched a little on here, but couldn't find anything. Do we still have that available? Any info would be appreciated.
  3. Found this while doing a little research. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mack_Truck To the Mack experts out there, any mistakes?
  4. A lot of things today are going downhill. I may be getting used to it some, but I sure still don't like it.
  5. I was just making a basic point about weights here in Virginia, but as much as I'm not one to overload any truck, a few times that my half tons got loaded up to around 6200 or 6300 at the gravel yards, the trucks handled it just fine. (I run 60's and early 70's Chevy pick-ups with manual transmissions). And it was nice to know that I was within legal limits to boot.
  6. Even my pick-up can carry more legally. The GVW states 5000, but my registration automatically states 6500. BUT we seem to have stricter laws here. You are more responsible for your actions here. For example, a person can carry the extra weight, but needs to be able to deal with it. If you take a curve too fast and end up in a ditch you can be charged for "Failure to Control Vehicle".
  7. I wouldn't mind having one like that myself and I find them now and then at Truckpaper. My problem is that the truck I find is usually 1500 miles away. If you don't mind traveling, Truckpaper is the place, and there's always that chance that you'll get lucky and find one close to your home.
  8. The Rawhide sure is a nice looking truck. It has a grille that is all Mack. No offense to Visions owners out there, but I just can't get myself to like how the top of the hood and grille looks.
  9. That is a nice looking truck. I could use one like that myself only a single axel would suit me fine. It looks like the B-Model Dump in the back ground is a tri-axel.
  10. I used to drive a '71 GMC 9500 tandem with a 10-Speed RR. I loved the truck, but the company I drove for was too cheap to buy a diesel and it had a 637 V-8 gas. It was pretty much a dog. But I did get to drive a '70 9500 with a 6-71 and got to exprience what I should have had. The company also had a '62 GMC 6500 with a 478 V-6 gas. That was one tough truck. Only ones I have now are 1-Tons, but I use to own a '62 GMC 4000 with a 305 V-6 gas and '67 GMC 7500 with a 6V-53 Detroit. I don't have a lot of experience with the "Scoop Back Cabs" and I wouldn't mind having one, but for my personal choice, I would prefer a regular style cab.
  11. I'm a big GMC fan myself. What kind of GMC do you have? Edit: Just read under your member number. It sounds like you have a 9500. Is it Detroit powered?
  12. I might be off a little, but I would say mid 60's. Also see that you are a John Deere fan. I have a '59 JD Model 435.
  13. A lot of pricing has to do with the area of the country you are in, but if it were what I was looking for and I needed to determine a price in my mind that I'd be real happy with, reasonably speaking, that figure would be about $4000. But my guess would be that the owner of it is wanting about $6000 to $9000.
  14. Nice looking single axel R, but would need to know some more details on it. Tried to find some, but nothing worked.
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