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  1. Thanks everyone! I'm located in central VA and I noticed that my offers a bit far away. I will show all of these replies to my brother and see if he's willing to drive the distance or what he wants to do. I'll post back soon. Thanks!!!
  2. I am desperately searching for a 10 Speed TRD 67 Transmission. I am looking for my brother since he doesn't know how to work a computer or the internet and I am his only hope. We are trying to rebuild my Dad's old mack that he drove for a living when he was young. Please if you have one or know who I can call or a Website I can check out I would be so grateful. I am new to this forum, and new to forums all together. I'm so afraid I might miss a response on here. Can you send me a message (if that's possible on this site) or just email me at gotfire03@aol.com? I sure hope somehthing turns up. Oh, and at this point it doesn't matter what state you're in. I am just about willing to ship it here from anywhere. THANKS!!!
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