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  1. P.S. As it was correctly pointed in the other thread some 12.00R24 tyres are currently offered as 325/95R24.
  2. You can install 12.00R24 in place of your 11.00-24 as I did and the size increas would be sufficient but not crytical. Also you would get a bit higher road speed at the same RPMs. The tallest tubeless tyre you can fit using Budd wheels is 12R24.5.
  3. Chinese tyres seem quite good, plenty of people use them overhere. I even tried a fortune and bought a pair for fronts on my car, 245/45R18 with 240km/h speed index. So far so good. But those tube ones for a truck are only known as 12.00R24 not 11.00 to me.
  4. Hope you guys will have a nice time at the show. Almost not able to attend being not allowed to leave one country and enter the other.
  5. The bench looks great! And as long as you get the Mack into the shop you will find out a different feeling of owning it. Any action or work to it could be done at any time. Without bothering of having it or parts exposed to rain or snow of worrying of someone relocate a part or tool you rest interrupting a job.
  6. Agree. A long while back I had 1975 Mercedes car with diesel engine. One day I started it and noted more smoke off the exhaust pipe than I used to see and when I pressed the pump knob in (the same rack control setup as an old truck) it didn't stall. I removed the air filter hose and closed the hole by a palm of my hand (Later I figured it was not a good idea but the hole wasn't big so no damage to the hand). Got the engine stopped. Started once more and stopped the same way again. But there was really heavy and smelly grey smoke and I saw no oil level on the stick after half an hour I stopped
  7. Last I went by this logic I had a fuel elbow broken which didn't allow me to place a wrench on one of the bolts. It didn't spin over its threads as I supposed to
  8. Keith, Thank you for the GMC idea. Actually I don't have anything as a sample of such marker excepting interweb images of Cruiseliners equipped with them. My truck has small lights which looks like KW W900 fender lights. And from the web pics it looks like it was a typical setup for Cruiseliner Macks. I found a few offers on NOS ones on flea bay but would prefere to install larger torpedo style markers. Having no sample it turns out we should figure what they are (or were) and than try to find a source. So all ideas are welcome. Good thing or bad but now it's not a need of the day since I
  9. Vladislav

    Alex g

    Best B-day wishes and good luck on all the projects!
  10. Those cooper lines are avalible new by foot (by meter in my country), just be sure to order the soft kind, not straight pipes which actually tough to bend. Also be sure checking the size since there's a trick with actual cooper pipe size and how it's marked in the sales lists. For fittings you can look Parker Fitting which would cover any need on whatever you break in the gas line. Vlad
  11. Ordered a couple of stickers to make up the R-model cab after paint. Supplied the guys with photos of the original ones plus basic measurements. After a few days they sent me pictures of the ready stuff and I said Ok and went to pick up. Once in their shop and I saw the prints in person I couldn't resist and almost laughed my butt off !
  12. Seems like all R-model axles fit the springs similar. But you can not use a beam off a DM because the U-bolt drillings located different. The same story with MH/RW2 axle beams. It looks like the casting is basically the same with wide spring fitting areas but then they're drilled specially to different chassis types.
  13. I would grab it. But need options to ship it to NJ 08901. Not for free but not for 5 times of the hood's cost. Vlad
  14. Seems like someone has his so lovely trucks so only a thought of selling any sends shivers down his spine
  15. Excellent pics of those Fords! Many thanks for sharing.
  16. Would be nice to see some pictures of your truck. B615 is not a very common animal. Vlad
  17. Welocme to the forum! Getting excited when doing restoration steps is a good practice. Patience and being organized helps too. Not many new parts for a B-model could be found nowadays and Watt's Mack is probably the best place to start the search. Still plenty of used stuff in people's yards, some things show up in the for sale section of the forum from time to time. Also it worth a try posting a thread with a question of a current need on here. Mack museum is closed to Covid and there's no info on the opening date so far. And taking to account they had a 2 month waiting time for a r
  18. The white F-models looks like Turkish company, yellow F-model with blue top and bottom is Dutch company. Dark green R-model is definitely a Iran-Kaveh product and by the look of the plates it was doing its service in the same area as it was assembled. Wow! That dark green San Jose R-model is not an R but U with integral sleeper! Great stuff you fished up Paul.
  19. Thanks for sharing. The life goes on and it's always nice to see a part from the different world.
  20. Looks very solid on the pictures. A good purchase no matter you will fix it or let someone else playing with it. Vlad
  21. First of all there were multiple styles of L-model fenders. Putting aside LT ones which are completely different there were (at least) two mods of the commercial L-model (mostly LF and LJ) fenders - for the standart and for the longer hood. The latter was used with Cummins engines I belive and maybe for other applications. You could see a kind of extensions closer to the grill or bumper mountings at them. Another story is firetruck fenders. Those seem could be found in a very good condition but they wouldn't work on a commercial truck. Firetrucks also had two different styles - early and late
  22. Nice! Thanks for sharing! And you can always feel "back into 2016"
  23. Looks like a fat book with lots of info. Unfortunately you can't buy everything. And if even buy you don't have time to read or pay attention to everything. But if I have such truck it seems like a must to do deal. Thanks for sharing the stuff.
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