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  1. Late 1955 dealer spec sheet for 1956 and up.
  2. I still have 2 40 foot containers of New parts. I went to older autoparts stores and hardware stores that were open in the 40's and 50's and bought all their old dead stock, Brake shoes, drums , hydraulics ,gens, starters and regulators, tune up sets, shocks, shock links and probably close to 400 NOS 50's and early 60's tail light and parking light lenses in the boxes. Bought all the speed equipment from a place called Cavaliri Auto parts. All 40's and 50's stuff for Olds, Buick, Caddy, Ford flatheads and Y blocks, Fox Craft fender skirts, Cal Custom Lakes pipes, appleton dummy spotlights and universal blue dot kits, a box full of license plate reflectors on bolts to hold you plates on an the prize is a 100 foot roll of clear insulated copper core ignition wire and two clear small block chevy distributor caps. When the NY fire depts racing trucks were going from Chrysler 392 hemis and 413 , 426 wedges I bought close to 50 of the from various depts on Long island complete take outs less distributors. Paid 250 to 350 a pop. Still have most of them. Yep I'm a hoarder.
  3. My uncles was a 1966 C60 Chevy with an Ortez Wrecker body on it. Those trucks were at a new truck trade show a number of years ago. The color they put it to groves is a thin liquid RTV .
  4. U.S. Royal made new, Bandag did recaps and there was quite a few tire companies that did aftermmarket white walls. They ground a strip about .015 deep in the side wall and did any color you wanted. Was permanent. My uncle had all the tired on his wrecker done including the dolly wheels in about 1967. Still get them for big trucks. http://Hosted on Fotki http://Hosted on Fotki
  5. Rarely see that "OTR" chassis even when new. Like the green or blue clearence lights and square horns. Paul
  6. Got a pic of the Acar next to it??
  7. Just plain classy right down to the narrow white walls! http://Hosted on Fotki
  8. If they are smart enough to accept it on Wednesday I'll let you know what the deal is. My original plan for the housing the towns concern was their EMT unit, they were happy when I offered the a 2 year old unit, the two women squashed that, If terms are accepted they will still get a new unit, cost them a dinner. that was my wife's wishes. My kids and wives were counting their inheritance up after my wife died, told them I don't plan on having a penny left when I go so don't get greedy. Part of my property was a junk yard from the 1920's to about 1953 or 54. When we first bought that section in 1980 my wife thought I was nuts. What I did twice a year was load a trailer up with stuff from the sheds and take it to Carlisle and Fall Hersey. Trim, headlights, tail lights, radios, hub caps. Than moved on to carbs, fuel pumps, lever shocks and finally sheet metal and glass. Probably 5 or 6 tons at a shot. I sold any single piece for $10 each and sheet metal and glass for $50 each.Also took a big pallet with those little packs of clips, electrical connectors, nut and bolts, sold all you could hold in one hand for $2.00. Always came home with it all sold and added to next years sales by loading up a lot of a old parts the some sellers were to lazy to bring home. Kept a few of the 40's and 50's Fords and Chevy cars cause I like them. Selling all the old parts paid for the next big chunk of property we bought in 1987. We ended up with nine lots. One more giant hunk to go. My friend "next door" is selling me his entire farm in a year or so when they move to Louisiana.
  9. Hard to feel something amiss when this was your previous ride!
  10. Don't know if it will work in your application but I've cleaned solidly clogged EGR's by soaking them on Easy Off oven cleaner. Fill the port or tube fill it with the cleaner and stick verticl as you can in an.
  11. These are the ones you need they are for 7 1/2 inch large round two light system, the ones John listed are for a 4 head light system. Product Line: Trans-Dapt Performance Headlight Half Shields Summit Racing Part Number: TRD-9512
  12. Was that one of the Australian F's with the fibreglass cab?
  13. Got it and gave it to Casey. I'll send you a few transcripts from court. I do not want media involved because than you get people out of the area taking sides, pushing their agenda muddying the waters. My offer leaves all of the town intact and none of the town monies changes hand, no service cuts, no firings only 4184 days of an in your face reminder . I am seriously thinking of building a 1/2 mile dirt track, RC car track and 1/4 mile drag strip.
  14. That won't work, Polosi can barely control the pre schoolers and now we'll go younger? Do you realize how much the public has invested it warm milk, cookies and Retilin ? Now we'll have to get coloring books and blunt color neutral crayons for them all. At least AOC is making us laugh.
  15. Nope! The Australian press asked the children protesting climate change last week a simple question and when the answers finally dawned on them, climate demands kind of went away. the question was" you do realize the your smart phone, X box, your AC, the SUV you ride in and the McDonalds will all be banned when the green deal starts don't you? You'll have no U tube, Music Videos, Facebook or Snap Chat , you'll have to walk or bike everywhere, sweat in the summer, no pizza or fast food and have rationed electric don't you?" Most stopped protesting
  16. Like Henry's a 45/70 is on my wish list. Funny when N.Y. passed their weapons and magazine ban My Rossi 357 /38 Special lever was declared and " assault " rifle and deemed illegal. But my Calico M100 Sporter and M 951Rifle and 950 Pistol are not. M100 is 22LR has 100 round mag and the 950 and 951 are 9mm and both have 50 round mags. I do like my revolvers no issues, all single actions and simple.
  17. Fork Union Military Academy is still a mostly normal school, but in the 30+ years we've been there the village has been getting more gentrified with the people moving into "the country from Richmond and Charlottesville" Most have big monthly notes to pay for most everything they have. There are 2 woman and one man who have issues. The pair of woman have the upper class down the nose stare and the male board member is apparently a reality agent in the I 95 /295 corridor zone. The woman whom I call Ms Shitzdontstink wants up scale urbane' people moving in to "her" town. When my issue came up they demanded it be open to all groups. When my daughter inlaw asked the same question the following meeting, she was told she could pick and choose who occupied the houses there are no requirements other than the fair housing laws. If they lose the final appeal I'm going to give them a one time offer where they will pay no judgements or fines and no town bankruptcy for a mere minimal financial outlay over a 12 year period and than the State and Federal charges will be shelved if and only if the meet my single term and abide it to the letter for the time period. Plus they end up looking like hero's. Other wise the poop hits the fan Already had the mayor and the town attorney approach me last Friday. They realized I own as of Friday 1785 acres of the town. Paul
  18. Good things take time, That's what my wife always said, always seemed to be true.
  19. amen to that! Me too and damn proud of it! Look at the "bright" side. . . we now have our elected officials and U.N. have elevating a 16 year old to climate goddess statis who is going help to set policy here and in the U.N. Here are heropening words before the House. "Mummy stopped flying and gave up her international opera career to help me save the plant". Thundberg stated she first heard of climate change in 2011 when she was eight and could not understand why nothing was being done about it." Three years later I became depressed and lethargic. I quit school , stopped talking and stopped eating. I was eventually diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, Autism, OCD and Selective Mutism. While the diagnosis have limited me somewhat, I do not view any of it as an illness but my super powers" This is what the Senate and the UN are seriously listening too.
  20. Read this article about what one mans opinion what the political system did to schools. https://www.gunpowdermagazine.com/parkland-father-dem-policies-not-guns-killed-my-daughter/
  21. Look at the box there should be a lash adjustment on it. Generally a jamb nut and a slotted machine thread screw to adjust the sector shaft play. If it is there you need to get the specs on end play. May be a Sheppard box in it but not 100% sure.
  22. This PDF file will get you most all you need for your entire truck. Eleven pages of dealers and suppliers https://www.macktruckshistoricalmuseum.org/-/media/files/museum/parts-suppliers-for-old-trucks-2017-jan-4.pdf/?la=en
  23. Some we had were pre M16A1 versions which had ejection issues and severe barrel wear with the stocks made by Mattel, real confidence builder. Finally bartered for an M14
  24. Taurus Judge # 2441061T Cylinder will take 410 3" and 45 Long Colt 6 1/2 barrel fibre optic sights. Carry piece is my Calico 9mm or my dress up carry Glock 17
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