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  1. Place in Oyster Bay when I grew up called Bonanza's, been there since 1900. A little 8x8 stand sells hotdogs with home made mustard and an onion/pickle topping. Dogs are good but the best is their home made Lemon Ice. Spent a lot of lunch money there as a kid on the Ices. Town hates it because it's on "valuable" property and grandfathered in.
  2. Only Volvo stuff was the grill stripe and a few plastic items. Volvo wasn't as chintzy as they are now.
  3. Good German restaurant in Speonk on Long Island owner was an ex WWII POW who stayed here and now his children and grand children run it. Food worth traveling for. My wife loved Chinese food until I told her the three letters translated into "We Buy Cats". Never ate Chinese food again.
  4. Welcome! Cool ride and great project!
  5. Most all M900 series a 400 Big Cams with Cat Autos. All wheel drives are rare as tractors from what I gather, wish mine were. I heard of an even dozen for sale hat are civi black. They do look good, but so does my M917 in Mopar Citronella Yella.
  6. I had up til a few years ago a 1969 DM811 pretty much the same unit only mine had hardbar not camelback. The frame was triple railed to just past the trunion and it had the Bendix hydraulic brake system on the rear also. Never knew the reason and could never get any answers way the system was set up like that.
  7. Any one ever eat at the Choo Choo Diner in Huntington Village? They would deliver you order to you at the counter on a LGB steam engine and flatcars. Also there was the Rail Car Cafe in Stony Brook. A half dozen rail cars from passenger coaches to a few boxcars for dinning areas. Shame it's now the Curry Club Indian Restaurant.
  8. Or put a bright a$$ LED cluster on the bottom edge of the fender extension so it pulls them off the phone. I would buy the new ACar if I wasn't at the age where I won't get 20 years out of it. Plus I just picked up my pair for AM General power units in Philly yesterday for my Maine project.. Look pretty good in Civilian Black if I do say so..
  9. Look for a fuel gauge and sender from one of the hot rod suppliers like Jeggs, Summit or Speedway Motors (my first choice). You can put the sender in the tank anywhere you choose same as the gauge. If you clean and fix the rheostat on the original sender the wires should be ok but I may be incorrect. I have fixed "bad" senders by cleaning the contacts on the rheostat area of the sender. They do develop wear spots.
  10. 41chevy

    Cab Replacement

    Why do a cab when you can buy a new roof panel from Mack for less then a used cab and 75% less work. Call Barry at Watts Mack the owners of this site and talk to him. Address: Watt's Truck Center 8059 Route 22 Po Box 707 New Alexandria, PA 15670 Telephone: 888-304-6225 Fax: 724-668-8173
  11. There was some stabilizing repairs in the the hull blisters, but that only slows the process. She hasn't moved since 1958 when she came to Philly and set idle from 1925 until she was moved 1958. 15 to 20 million to repair her and the Becuna need work on her hull also. The Olympia is only slightly worse than the Texas. Both the last of their kind. Better to piss money away on Illegals than saving our history I guess.
  12. When I was about 4 or 5 my uncle ran the last steam engine passenger train the the L.I.R.R. had.Got to ride on it to the turn table with im for the last 100 yards before it was struck from the line. Steam anything got into my blood. My wife's family has the steam powered Edison/ Ford DC generator the the Pratt Institute. runs a few days a week to make DC power for one of the labs. In the Fall they have a Stream Fest with the Gen Set, a steam organ (calipie?) and about 8 or 10 steam whistles from the LIRR railcar barges they owned in the late 1800's early 1900's. When my wife was alive her and I went to ride the Belle of Louisville at the Steam Riverboat Festival in Kentucky, rode the Katahdin on Moosehead Lake in Maine and the Sabo at Mystic Seaport close to a dozen times The Sabo is the oldest and last coal fired, wood hulled steamer in the U.S. still in operation. We also spent 2 weeks as volunteers polishing brass and chipping paint in the engine room on the USS Olympic in Philly. Wife loved steam too.
  13. Does the sender at the tank have a good ground? Also is the truck still positive ground? That will make the gauge read off. Gauge is wired different for + and - ground systems.
  14. I'll take the Mack box, sometime need different ratios in reverse to get rolling. Depends on how sandy and damp the ground is and how much Granite blocks are loaded in it
  15. He lives and works in Lynchberg at Carters Equipment only a few miles away
  16. Great photos! Particularly my grandsons Duster.
  17. I recall Manchester N.H. had a dealer selling them New England Kenworth??
  18. Probably not, at least with my luck.
  19. If it is the same as the N14 this is the specs. The crank gear has one timing mark that is aligned to cam gear which has two marks.....and cam gear has two different marks one is for crank gear to cam........and other is for cam to accessory drive. It will only line up one way. Have crank gear at 12 o'clock position the cam gear will have two marks one will be at 6 o'clock position to align with crank and other will be around 2 o'clock position to align with accessory drive. Hope it helps.
  20. It's more than tensile strength. It also goes to annealing the blanks before forming them, the radius of the flanges on the channels, heat treating them after forming to return them to their required Rockwell number , boring the holes for the fasteners instead of punching them and even down to using the proper amount of coolant during drilling and cutting. Most all of that will give you an eventual failure point.
  21. This is the photo that started it all. Did a lot of digital work to get the phone number off of the unit in the back ground, computer work to trace the number and the address, than Google Earth federal version to get the location of the truck and be sure it was still currently intact. At least on the way back I stopped in Philly and put a deposit on a pair of ex USAF AM General M900 series power units, so it wasn't a total loss. Go back and pick them up in 2 weeks. Hosted on Fotki
  22. Lots of air gets trapped in those systems, in all reality vacuum bleeding it the best and quickest way. Otherwise you just need to spend a lot of time going back to bleed it. Air is usually in the secondary part of the booster system.
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