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  1. Thanks for that! I'll keep it in mind incase the problem comes back. Still curious about the fuel line between primary filter and ecm. Makes sense that I first noticed a hard start and rough idle immediately after service, including changing the centrifuge oil filter. Which you have to move fuel line out of way, to change. Ever heard of the swivel fittings going bad on fuel lines?
  2. For future reference... something that I have replaced seems to have fixed issue. Fingers crossed.
  3. I am now wondering about the fuel line that runs from primary filter to the back of computer? It has swivel fittings, and they have slop in them. Not leaking fuel, but maybe letting air in?
  4. Dealer sold me a checkvalve. It looks like a hydraulic coupling? Can't seem to locate it. I am sure it's not attached to filter housing. Going to get my bore scope and look behind the egr cooler. And hope it's not back there! Lol.
  5. I replaced the transfer pump. Also installed factory fuel filters. Took a while to get all the air to purge. But truck finally fired "rough at first" than smoothed out. Actually seems to idle a lot smoother now too. I bought a new check valve, but don't see where it goes? Is it behind the egr cooler? Thanks.
  6. Just left mack with$1000 in parts. I will keep updating this post...
  7. Thanks. Drain back valve? Is it also called check valve?
  8. Hello, It is a gray engine. And I am thinking fuel supply pump also, but do you think the pump would fail intermittently? And if so, would that cause the hand primer to be pretty spongy? Thanks.
  9. I have a real head scratcher! I replaced the two fuel filters a week ago. Truck fired up, did the usual stumble than seemed to run okay. Idle seemed a little rough though the next day. Then, I parked truck with driver side leaning down a bit to unload. Would not fire. Cranked great, but no fire? This is where I get confused, we dragged truck backwards to other side of road so that now passenger side was leaning downwards a bit. sat for a minute, cranked truck and fired right up! Been running truck all week, seems fine, except first thing in morning spins over well, but takes just a bit longer to fire. Then today, truck starts good, drove for 3 hours, perfectly, had to park with driver side leaning slightly again, get in to move and will not fire. Spins over great, but doesn't even attempt to start? So far, I have opened hood and pumped hand primer. It feels to have little to no resistance. So I replaced hand primer. Still has little to no resistance. Truck is almost full of fuel (single tank). If truck runs fine, shut off for five mins, get back in and then cranks great, but no fire? Seems electrical? But then why no firmness in hand primer? Help!!
  10. I plan on replacing the king pins on my FXL-12 front axle soon. The mack manual gives a PN of 600-1161247 for a special grease for the spindles. Problem is my mack parts dept. guy said its not a good number and doesn't know what I'm talking about. It clearly states do not use chassis grease, but won"t tell you what to get? Any Ideas, Please!
  11. Thanks for the update TORRESTRANSPORT. I will be giving it a try on my bulldog any day now.
  12. Job complete. I ended up going with easy pedal clutch after talking with service dept. at MACK. Thanks to the posters who offered me answers and advice.
  13. Got her almost apart. I need to know the torque specs for flywheel bolts and transmission "bell housing" bolts. Any ideas please?
  14. I was able to purchase the "plastic input shaft alignment" tool off eBay. Good ol' eBay! got it used at a reasonable price. Now I must start the process of rounding up parts. Also.. KT_Engineer I hadn't thought about input shaft seal. You don't hear much about it? Is that a big deal to do? Also, I really wonder if I have to get flywheel turned. I currently have no slippage or chattering, just plan to replace before I have a real problem!
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