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  1. Looks like Joe Biden’s memory? Blank page.
  2. Welp, let’s flip this pancake again to their side? Sir Mix-a-Lot’s rap tune “I Like Big Butts” directly applies to the midnight, waffle stuffing, munch-a-thon folks? May have been perfectly appropriate music genre? To quote Fred...... Just say’in!
  3. We used www.ksfuel.com. Did well on those pumps.
  4. That’d be nice medicine for it. Too many....everywhere. Got called in Monday night and one shot the company fence then ran headlong into my grill. I dug this old pic up to tell them they need to open a season on these crazy road 🐐 goats. 2 years ago we had one run into the facility. Got turned around under the paper machine & started raising hell in the maintenance basement.
  5. Sometimes the wet bark piles start on fire from decomposition. Gets exciting.
  6. From winter. Not sure what he was doing there surrounded on all sides with equipment, buildings and a river? Didn't seem to be worried. Taking squatters rights on the wood chip pile.
  7. Yup, they’re hearty folks. Don’t mind riding on a steel hump. Much of the 90’s fleet had air ride with the sleeper units and 48’ loader trailers. Landing pickers. Keep in mind these guys considered an air ride seat inside of an air ride cab to already be a little too luxurious in comparison to the forwarders they used for the previous 30 years. Before bio mass collection the trucks would run right over the downed tops. Bags are flimsy, low and vulnerable. If you had an air bag suspension you’d be doing one bag a month because of tooth pick attack. Now they chip the whole tree and the stumpage looks swept clean as the kitchen floor. That’d be my guess.....they expected to pick off deep landings and didn’t want to deal with bringing suspension balloons to the dart 🎯 party? Other thing was axle cracks. The single-point weight displacement of a spring pad usually cracked the Mack axle tops on the off road trucks. Camels had better weldment style receiver and rarely cracked the housings.
  8. Love it! Be tempted to machine a little adjuster screw to set VGT travel limitation and a “give’r hell” cable, with a hand grab T-bar, for the big hill climb mode! Pull for full boost and slam it back home when the EGT’s hit 1,400 degrees.
  9. He's retiring. As I recall they never bought a truck inside of the Tier 3 emissions (or higher). The newest I recall were some 460HP E-Techs from the early 2000's which they used to tow 98K of wood chips. Those he started selling 2 years ago. Tires got hocked, looks like recaps, the one still has a sticker on the cap? Bright side......at least new recaps! Funny how the condensate can rust the plate & mount.
  10. Guys I know from the dealership days. Loved Mack. Use to spend the end of year $$ on a new truck or wood processor and let it sit in a showcase shed for local parades or as a "just in case" truck. They must have had one of the millennial grandsons post it, he clearly can't spell Mack (Mach). 50 miles on the truck. https://northernwi.craigslist.org/hvo/d/prentice-new-mach-ch-613-single-cab/7150803426.html
  11. I had one customer with a V-Mac II come in during the LS transition with a failing injection pump. I had it staged to R&R over to K&S Fuel for a rebuild, he didn't come back for 6 months. When he finally came back for other work I hit him up to find out what was shaking. He had started adding lubricant to the fuel and said the rack stick went away. That's the only instance. Once I drank a pot of coffee and read through the most boring engineer interpretation I could find on composition of Low Sulfur fuel. It acknowledged the fuel has been "dried" from the process and mentioned lubricity additions to the fuel (per manufacturer) as compensation to make up for the anemic lubrication character.
  12. Corn pop is still alive? The actual interview with the real "Corn Pop" Corn Pop granted an exclusive interview with NPC Daily to discuss his decision. NPC: May I call you Corn Pop? Corn Pop: Yeah sure. NPC: What are your personal pronouns? Corn Pop: What the f–k is that supposed to mean? NPC: That’s ok we can come back to that. This is a stunning and brave announcement. It must have taken a lot of courage? Corn Pop: I don’t know, Biden’s people contacted me and asked me about it. I never even knew that his name was Joe, and I can’t remember meeting him. There was a dude that used to hang around with the kids, ask them to rub his legs like, at a swimming pool back in the day that we used to call “Twinkie” and I just figured that’s him. So they asked me if I wanted to go on TV and say I used to be enemies with Twinkie, or “Joe”, and now I endorse him. I said, “what’s in it for me? I hear people get stuff for doing that.” NPC: it must have been like going back in time, or through an old scrapbook. What was Joe, or “Twinkie” as you knew him, like back then, and what did you two talk about when you reunited? Corn Pop: Again I don’t even know this dude, but if he’s that same guy who used to ask kids to rub his legs I kind of remember it. One time I was walking by and told him to cut the shit. He tried to run away on his bicycle, but the chain fell off. He was trying to fix it and said “watch out I have a chain Corn Pop!”. I laughed at him and told him to take his ratched white ass out of the neighborhood. That was the last I heard of him until a limo pulled up out front of my house. NPC: It must have been exciting when you saw the limo pulling up? Corn Pop: No I said “get a warrant you wanna talk”. But after a while I figured out they were legit. I’m not supposed to say if I’m getting anything outta this, but I better get my autographed picture of Obama. NPC: Did you meet the former Vice President after that? Corn Pop: No. I’d seen that dude in the debates. I wanted Tulsi Gabbard, but let’s face it: The Democratic Party only gonna let an old white dude win. So be it man, if I get that picture I was promised I’m down with Joe. NPC Daily attempted to reach the former VP for comments, but we received a written statement instead, which is just as good for hard working journalists. “Vice President Biden has been reaching across the aisle and building coalitions for most of the past century. And some of his best friends are black. He thanks Corn Pop and promises to send the picture they discussed when he next sees former President Obama.” Diversity is our strength. Corn Pop’s bravery is stunning. Orange man bad.
  13. Part 2 in a 5 part series. I'm sending this pic as a suggestion to Dr.Fettuccini. Once that Covidiot has goggles implimented we may as well upgrade all masks to a NAPA filter #550281. I used my young understudy as the example of a complacent, responsible, model sheep-citizen.
  14. Yup, I ran out of space, unable to clear. Barry was kind enough to go in and manually adjust.
  15. For the heck of it I overlaid the two books with the torque/HP curves. They’re exact.
  16. He has an E-Tech and a V-Mac II. It’s not the same engine, but is an E7 platform....for the most part.
  17. That’s a million mile base engine if you properly maintain it. Arguably the best PLN engine Mack made. In their time a very reliable motor, now add 23 years later........mmmm, gremlins we never saw could arise in the aging of its electronics, sensing, low sulfur diesel, etc. I’d buy one though. Smooth power, nice idle, softer than the E-Tech by far.
  18. I need to put my wallet in Wild Dave’s mouth so he doesn’t pitch a fit and bite his tongue off when he reads this thread.
  19. And why did we initially shut down all the businesses.....swamping Trumps economy? All we needed (per-present) were masks and then no businesses need to close? It’s phase 1,2,3 & 4.....Phase 1 wound the economy and get it into limp mode. Phase 2 is to maintain a limp market, keep fear mongering the population. Phase 3 is cause/promote/condone/justify civil unrest. Phase 4 is get rid of the ballot boxes. Again agreeing with the Wild Man, absolutely disgusting. The left leadership is corrupt & wise at this>>>>chaos is naturally occurring, leaders are suppose to help control civility, and maintain peace, as a calling. So they get themselves into power and step back and let nature freely takes its course when it’s politically convenient. When the riots start they tell the cops to stand down like Milk Toast Walz in Minnesota. Then to make it more painful to the law abiding citizens heap on a bunch of senseless restrictions as in Michigan. High five Trump for telling Milk Toast NO to paying 500 million federal tax dollars to clean up HIS homemade fiasco. Let the Twins file bankruptcy like the rest of the Cities/Counties Liberals have run into the ground.
  20. Nice, I may borrow that one. I was going to use claustrophobia. Dig the Mad Max goggles W.Dave. You did win. You won your dignity, my respect, the ability to gain immunity to the mystery flu and likely never get sick doing it and eventually you win the right to wear the t-shirt on November 4th that says...”I never drank the Koolaid and all I got was this crummy T-Shirt”.
  21. In the late 2001, 2002 and early 2003 Mack had figured out most of the base engine issues. When Tier III hit in mid 2003 it was more emissions and other issues to hash out with emissions. The mid year 1998 1/2 E-Tech engine intro was also a good showing.
  22. Is OE Mack staying competitive? They use to give them away? I only buy OE for the Volvo’s oil&fuel. $21 for an OE oil filter is nearly as cheap (+/- $2) as NAPA WIX.
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