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  1. Pretty sad, truck only has 514k mls guess it is what it is.
  2. I was running down the hwy, approx 1500 rpm when it happened.......so...
  3. Any chance of valve to piston issues? Head damage? From when it let go?
  4. I'm guessing the cam/ valve train is not turning, like i said when the engine spins its almost effortlessly like it has no compression at all.
  5. Patient- 2011 mack pinnacle mp8. My air compressor went out, when shop removed it the was a lot of tooth damage on the drive gear, mech. said he didn't see any other damage inside the block on any other gears. With a new compressor and gear they put it back together, i made it 250mls down the road, heard a noise it died immediately, after stopping looking it over, i tried to start it, it just spins freely, crank is turning real easy like it has no compression. Any ideas on what may or may not have happened? Thanks!
  6. Interesting info, wonder where one would find a reliable and trustworthy tuner ?😁
  7. Wonder what would cause them to just break like that?
  8. Have any of you done a full DELETE on your MP8? I'm thinking about a full Delete and ecmc tuning? Any one done this ? Happy results? Thanks.
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