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  1. Is the KW half cab now in Nevada? I think it may be in Smith River, NV? Going to a show there May 13th and will report back
  2. The W followed all of the other western COE manufacturers and the did not have tilt cabs. And a common practice was to add a box sleeper to them. The G model was it's replacement and of course it came with a lot of baggage that ended the model way too soon as well. The western F model was the Mack answer I guess to it all. My Dad had both an H model that he ran up until about 66 and then bought a used G model that he ran until 70. An H model in the mid 60's was an outdated rig and a lot of improvements had been made in trucks by then.
  3. Don't know too much about this log truck other than it had some engine work done and the bill never got paid. Has sat for 10yrs. It does run and is complete. Cab and doors are solid and no rust. Truck is all original but missing the top grill cover. Located in S. Oregon. $9,500.00 NTCC350 cummins, Fuller 13spd., Rockwell rears, aluminum frame, Hendrickson suspension, A/C, Dan 541-944-3283
  4. What else are you hiding from me? even that dry creek zin wont get you talking...........
  5. I have a 39 and it has a wood framed cab where as my 40 is all metal. The 39 also has an air compressor and appears to have been a factory service truck. Interesting that the article mentions that most all know about the Reo made Mack Jr but not the ED. Years ago it seemed we all knew about ED's but nothing about the Jr. When I went to spot a Mack pickup I was told sat in the brush in 1988 and it said Mack Jr I had no idea what it was. There was very little about Jr's at that time but the ED was well known in the Mack circles.
  6. This is a former AP Mack fire truck 1928 vintage.
  7. once saw a V8 Mack in a Freightliner...................they called it a Frack.
  8. Thanks, it looks like Alumitank will make new ones using my end caps. They made the tanks on the 57KW restoration I did a few years ago. They did great work. I am trading the KW without the sleeper, to a friend for the overhaul on the Superliner that includes the KTA 600 with twin turbos, frame stretched, neway air ride, sleeper mounted, AC added, and on and on!!
  9. Looking for 2 very good condition 24" dia by approx. 60" long fuel tanks manufactured by Allen - Jac San Jose when Mack was in Hayward, CA. Need at least one set of brackets as well.
  10. Here is one of the new crossmembers fitted and installed.
  11. Here is another one that might be worth saving ..........but rough.
  12. How is that superdog coming along these days? Cannot believe I did not see you in Salem?
  13. My truck buddy JD Smith found a White 5000 15 plus years ago. I have ended up with it through his estate. It is quite a piece to say the least. We did a quick PIE red paint job on it one year and he took off to Brooks Oregon for the show. Ken Goudy came over and took a good look and a few hours came back with PIE stickers for it. As soon as they were put on it the crowd started to gather around it. JD always said that Ken putting those PIE stickers on it made a truck out of it! It takes 7 fan belts to run the fan. When the cab is tilted the radiator goes with the cab and the fan sits by itself. In Australia they had 2 of them and they did not hold up. A driver down under told me after his first trip through the outback the floor board and air seat was sitting on the tire when he rolled in...............they called them a Tupperware tilt cab.
  14. I posted this on the ATHS facebook but it deserves to be here on Mack too. ............. too many places to post these days! this truck was owned by 2 brothers and they recently passed away. This is the first time this old girl has seen daylight in 30 yrs! The new owner is a great guy too. Was at a Barbie Q last night in Sonoma County CA. Great evening!
  15. Thanks for sharing this photo. Tom is a great guy and one of the finest Mack men around. Have not seen him for some years now.
  16. The first year I had the LTL restored I took it to Phoenix AZ for the ATHS show. I met a real gentleman there by the name of John Cheeseman. He wanted my LTL real bad but I did not want to sell it. So I told him that we could build him one just like it. I was able to purchase a decent LTL for him and turned the restoration over to a good friend. John ended up deciding on making the LTL a single axle with the 275 Cummins engine. The finished truck was an exact duplicate of my LTL except it was a single axle. John also owned an LJ that Tom Spencer restored for him as well as a neat AB with a period correct trailer. I think it was a pull trailer. Anyways seeing the AB in Mikes post at the Iowa 80 museum brought back memories of John. He passed away probably 10 plus years ago. He owned Cheeseman trucking in NW Ohio and from what I heard it was a first class operation. It was sold to Zumstein?? Anyways I have never seen any of his trucks since and tried to contact his widow without any luck. Did anyone know John? and or know of where his beautiful collection went?
  17. Just bought this new Rawhide edition. 505HP Mack 13spd, Mack rears on air. Nice looking truck.
  18. and I would be right beside you on that one!! damn nice rig!!!!!!! tempting as all hell to make a call on this one!
  19. I stand corrected..........right fender that was on my left!!
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