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  1. K All there is no rhyme or reason concerning prices of antique big trucks and components! That pristine diamond reo that sold in Medina ohio that I would have hitchhiked the 1000 mi. To buy sold for 3500. A beautifully   restored B75 in Washington state is for sale for 17k What can you buy for 17k in the auto world? a stripped Kia reo!  what can you buy off 3500,? A 10 yr old 200k stripped Kia reo!Nothing against kias they are reliable cars,but as boring as my wife's corolla! We as truck drivers/afficianados,not the "steering wheel holders" who couldn't tell you how a diesel is different from a gas engine,are fortunate to be able to recognize quality.


    1. BillyT


      that 1967 American la France I saw for 2500bucks would sell for 400k new at today's dollar.

  2. K-All

    EM9 Whats it worth?

    i would be a buyer with more information message me and lets talk
  3. K-All

    need parts

    i have two scania engines cant tell you much i dont know one from another one is in an mb from a trade school the other is turbo and on the ground
  4. K-All

    R model

    cool truck trying to sell?
  5. We have painted ones straight enough and clean enough to chrome $400.00.
  6. Mike

    Kevin, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU and your helpers for all your help with my B Model project. Keep up the great work.

    Thanks Mike Sanders

  7. 2001 Peterbilt 379 EXHD, Mocha & Maroon 1XP5DB0X11N565881 with wetline, C15-475 HP CAT,18spd, Engine Brake,Air Ride, Tandem Axle, Alum. Wheels 218" WB, Holland Rigid 5th, 11R24.5 Tires Mileage 594,000 Asking $40,000.00 Any questions call 607-652-7704
  8. Hello Everyone, This beauty is still available !!! Thanks, Kevin
  9. Please help ! I need to get this Mack B75 from Glendale, Utah to NY if anyone can help please advise. Thanks, Kevin
  10. Thanks for the kind words. You can see more pics of this truck on our website www.allmacks.com on the project page.
  11. 1973 Peterbilt 359 This is a beautifully restored 1973 Peterbilt 359, needs nothing to go to work. Full frame-up restoration. 2 tone paint job using base coat with pearl clear coat. This truck was bought new with this paint scheme. New 14" Drop visor. New cablights, headlights, and horns etc. Sleeper lights are wired to be six brake lights, or 3 turns & 3 stops. Rear bumper & fender mount custom built. New s/s full fenders. New tires on steer, drives are new caps 24.5's equipped with aluminum wheels. Both 75 gallon fuel tanks are original 359 and have been completely refurbished. Interior completely refurbished complete with wooden steering wheel and new seats. AM/Fm Stereo with CD Player. All new plumbing upgraded to dual braking system with new brakes including drums. New exhaust system from turbo charger to top of 7" Stacks. The motor is a Caterpillar 400 hp. with jake, Runs real well. Transmission is a 13 speed with PTO installed. Has 38,000 lb. air leaf suspension. Also equipped with hydraulic power steering. Any questions give me a call at 607-652-7704. Only serious buyers please.
  12. Hello All, We have hubcaps avail. $75.00 each - call us we will be happy to ship. Thanks, Tracy for Kevin www.allmacks.com 607-652-7704
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