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  1. Look over the interior close before you do that swap. There is a fair amount more room in a Ultraliner than there is in a Cruiseliner. Then the "westcoast" Cruiseliners had even less room.
  2. Thank you. I started out in an 82 cruiseliner. E6 350 10 spd. Use to pull a bullrack. Taylor packing in Pa Ran an all mack fleet. Superliners, Cruiseliners and MH's
  3. Thankyou. Sure are beautiful trucks. I would like to talk to someone at this company to ask how he is getting his parts. I'm struggling to keep one Cruiseliner going. They have an interesting set up. That one truck on the end of line up looks like an 83 but it has the front flush mount directional. I was under the impression that only the 75's did that. i'm sure none of the "east coast" Cruiseliners did that.
  4. Thank you for that info. Those are very sharp looking trucks.
  5. I am seeking info about a picture that was sent to me of a trucking co. that has a fleet of Cruiseliners, all of them are black and shiny. All I know is in some of the pics there is snow and they were pulling tankers. If anybody knows any info about them I would be grateful. Thanks
  6. I'm averaging @ 6.1 mpg with my E9. And that's pulling dropdeck, log trailer here in New England. A big cube engine wont have to work as hard.
  7. Name: Cruiseliner Date Added: Owner: ws721 ws721
  8. I have a Mack airshift 6 speed, that has @ 3000 miles on a complete rebuild, that was behind my E9 400. I got the line ticket just to prove to myself that Mack did this. Anyhow, it has a .62 overdrive. I would like to sell it as I'm not a 6 speed fan. Transmission is in excellent condition, comes with air operated PTO. for a married unit. If interested call 603 463 7883. My mack had 5.73 ratio with 22.5 tires and would do 78 at 2000 rpm.
  9. LOL!! Thankyou. I will do some "shade tree" adjustments. We just wont tell my brother, let him find out when we do our next loads out of northern Maine. Cummins we can tune, even the old 2 stroke joke Detroits. WE have a couple of VERY nice running Detroits. I'll try that & let ya know what happens. Thanks again. I'll have to try & get a pic of the ole girl on here.
  10. That pressure is under load. Only runs about 750 to 800 on the pyrometer. Sounds like im closer than I thought. I would like to get more out of the ole girl. It only has 206000 original miles. Problem is my younger brother {who is bigger than me} has an Astro with a B.C. Cummins that whoops up on me. Very disheartening. Lol. These trucks only put on around 10,000 miles a year & im kinda a performance nut. I want the engine to produce what its potential is and get mpg. The MAck gets @6.1 mpg. I think that's fair for an old COE pulling dropdeck, hauling logs and chips at @95,000 gross.
  11. Hmm. I thought mine had low boost. It only does @17 psi. Thanks for the info. I have checked for leaks. Elimanted the puff elimantor. IT doesn't smoke under load. lol, I must have the only E9 that would pass emissions!
  12. I'm new to the site. I like what im reading. Anybody know what the manifold pressure for a 1983 E9 should be? This is an early E9, has the V8 ambosch pump. 400 HP.
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