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  1. Thank you. This was the first time i'd been there in probably 25 or 30 years. It used to be privately owned and very expensive, but now it's a national park and only costs $8 for an adult, very well worth it too.
  2. Thanks Vlad, and Zina says Hi!
  3. For example, she took this picture of the famous "High Bridge" in Cumberland, Va. Thursday. This is how far away from it we were- And she could zoom in this much- you can't even see this little shelter in the un-zoomed pic. And that's just hand held, no tri-pod. The bridge was on an active rail line until just a few years ago, now they have a hiking trail that you can walk or bike to it on, we're planning to do that sometime too. I took this with my camera, didn't even see the two pedestrians until I put the pics. on the computer.
  4. Yes, this was in Florida, and I was here in Gladys, Va. I could probably get myself in trouble with a camera like hers, she could take a picture that clear from a quarter of a mile away. But, in a public place I guess you're fair game anyway, I don't know.
  5. I didn't even know he had it. I knew he had the C and the H and I said "how long have you had this?" He said " about two years." I always liked the M's myself.
  6. Ha-ha, I thought that too at first but I could see she's not looking at the camera when I put it on the big screen. But the redhead took it, not me. She went and talked to her, said she was really nice.
  7. That truck was there for a long time, a few miles west of Appomattox. I had never seen it until they cleaned off a little piece of land there, and cleared the trees and underbrush. You could tell that it had been there a long time, but it was so covered up in bushes you couldn't see it.When I stopped back then there was a coil and some plug wires on the ground beside it, like somebody had been trying to get it running.
  8. I saw all these this week- this M belongs to my brother. This Case was sitting in Rustburg- All these were in Madisonville-
  9. This old truck used to sit along rt.460 between Appomattox and Concord, Va. I have some pictures of it in a photo album that I took then, before I even had a digital camera. Then I spotted it in a field on rt. 29, north of Amherst. It sat there for several years, then it just disappeared. I happened to spot it on rt. 47 in Madisonville a few weeks ago, and we went by there yesterday and stopped and took a few pictures.
  10. She saw some old balding fat guy poking around while I was looking at something else- hey, wait a minute...never mind.
  11. I was wondering the same thing, I thought they probably used them to pull loads of wood and chips out of the woods to a landing. But most companies have one or two trucks to do that with, and just about everything there had those tires on it.
  12. " Keep the birthdays and pictures coming." ...OK! All Winfall wimmens pictures taken by the redheaded Florida correspondent, who is a great sport about such matters, not to mention being a wonderful person in General. That Case tractor is in Rustburg, sounded like a pretty good price to me, 55 hp, runs great.
  13. My brother has a nice collection of Farmalls, but they're not parade tractors, he still uses them. He has a C, an H, and the M. All he needs is an A, and my older brother has one of them. He did have a 350 Farmall, but he sold it. Sold it for $800, I told him i'd have given him $800 for it myself. He was planting potatoes, onions, and cabbage yesterday.
  14. A few more pics. from the Florida correspondent at bike week in Daytona, Florida and from the Country Thunder music festival. Here's some wimmens eatin' some corn dogs- and some wimmens not eatin' corn dogs- A dog- I found a nest of big Mack trucks this morning- Me on my brother's Farmall M- Brookneal, Va. this morning. Yep, the redhead came to visit for my birthday.
  15. The last time I was there P.L. was working in the store, which was formerly known as Duncan's Store. He was doing some paper work, I guess he used the store as his office. But anyway, he invited us into the store and showed us around. It was crammed full of stuff the American Picker guys would go crazy over. Old signs, parts, emblems off of many different kinds of trucks, oil and antifreeze cans, and more. Here's a little of what was in there-
  16. One of my all time favorite cab styles. Saw this at Macungie last year.
  17. I went to the beer store a few minutes ago, and passed by this logging job right down the road about a half mile from here. I can hear the chipper from here. So when I got home I grabbed my camera and went back to take a few pictures, since there was this big Mack truck there- A big Mack truck and a wood chipper. I didn't even notice the 5th. wheel on the ground when I was there. They have a lot of equipment there-
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