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  2. https://www.liebherr.com/en/usa/products/mining-equipment/mining-excavators/details/r9800.html
  3. With rears that heavy it was a site truck? But it's too clean for a site truck!
  4. I finished up the air compressor engine tuning and "air end" maintenance yesterday afternoon. It is a big difference as really does run well. As mentioned earlier I installed new plugs, wires, Pertronix electronic distributor which had a new cap, rebuilt the Zenith "63" updraft carburetor and changed the oil along with filter. Both oil bath air cleaners were quite full of dirt/grime. The Continental B-427 engine runs very well meaning smooth and plenty of power. I now need to build a muffler to quiet it down a bit..... I replaced the original hydraulic lines, (after blowing an original) which circulate the compressor lubricating oil and air through the system along with the "stripper" filter cartridge. Don't have a history or log book of maintenance so starting anew prior to placing the unit back into service. The oil filter for the compressor section uses the same filter element as my Detroit Diesel 12V-71T engine and I have a box of six so replaced that also. After dumping 14 full gallons of fresh air compressor oil into the reservoir, the engine was brought to life and does this thing make air! The discharge air pipe is 2" NPT which is necked down to two 1" discharge ports. With one of these opened wide the engine runs about 1150rpm while maintaining 100psi reservoir pressure. With both ball valves open fully, the engine runs right at 1900rpm while still maintaining 100psi reservoir pressure. I let it run about 10 minutes with one port open wide and noticed absolutely no oil in the discharge piping or fittings. It appears both the "stripper", and water separator, work well. Now going to bang the sheet metal a bit straighter, depaint, then repaint for appearance, and pull it around behind the B-673 for jobs remote from the shop. Both are 1962 models so should work well together.
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  6. I'm still on the hunt for a rear rear differential in 3.65 ratio. It must be an iron differential carrier as it's for an air ride setup. Once a rear rear is located I'll have a front rear to sale, or trade.
  7. Just rememberd eye made this animation of photos long time ago WotSezU? cya
  8. No sir. Trying to finish up a couple other projects first. Still trying to decide where to start. Pulling out cups? Pulling head? I checked the buildup of pressure with the air compressor pumping, and with it kicked out and there was no change, so I think I can rule that out.
  9. That was a really cool build video KS. The size of that boom and counterweight is amazing. Any idea what any of the parts weigh?
  10. Renault Trucks Press Release / November 28, 2019 Presentation of the adaptative cruise control (ACC), now available on Renault Trucks T & T HIGH. .
  11. MAN Truck & Bus Press Release / December 3, 2019 Years of experience in the city bus industry combined with corporate expertise are what make MAN the ideal partner in taking on the future of urban mobility. Learn more about our trailblazer, the MAN Lion’s City E, from our Head of Product Marketing Bus, Jan Aichinger. .
  12. MAN Truck & Bus Press Release / December 3, 2019 MAN and the 100-year-old family business at Getränke Gefromm GmbH & Co.KG have been business partners and friends for nearly 30 years already. Follow along the story the very beginnings to where we are today! .
  13. MAN Truck & Bus Press Release / November 27, 2019 MAN says “thanks” to all you drivers for your day-to-day commitment and wishes you a Merry Christmas. .
  14. MAN Truck & Bus Press Release / November 20, 2019 MAN Engines is expanding its range of engines for light-duty workboats in North America by introducing an 800 hp (588 kW) inline-six engine. The D2676 LE426 will be available from the second quarter of 2020. It satisfies the EPA Commercial emissions standards and offers 70 hp greater output than the well-established, 730 hp D2676 model. For the first time, the 800 hp version of the D2676 will also offer keel cooling capability for the engine as a factory-fitted feature. “This means we can offer our customers the added value of keel cooling without compromising the 800 hp of power and performance,” says Ricardo Barbosa, president of MAN Engines & Components Inc., in Pompano Beach, Florida. A further advantage of keel cooling is a weight reduction of up to 5% compared to heat exchanger cooled engines. With increased power, the MAN D2676 LE426 achieves an impressive power density. By making use of new injectors and a new cylinder head, the MAN engineers have increased the engine’s power by almost 10% compared to the previous 730 hp (537 kW) model. Consequently, the D2676 LE426 achieves a maximum torque of 2,674 Nm between 1,400 and 2,000 rpm from a bore of 126 mm and a stroke of 166 mm, allowing the inline-six engine to provide sufficient thrust for pilot boats, lifeboats, and fishing vessels. It also shows the broad torque plateau typical for MAN marine engines. This ensures maximum torque over a broad engine speed range at the lowest specific fuel consumption. This is supported by the modified common rail injection system, which ensures improved combustion while increasing on-board comfort due to reduced vibration and noise levels. The latest US EPA Tier 3 Commercial emissions standards are met purely by the internal design of the engine; no additional external equipment is necessary, so the MAN 6-cylinder engine does not need to sacrifice its compact installation dimensions. The D2676 diesel engine comes with a displacement of 12.4 liters (757 cubic inches) and has proven itself many hundreds of thousands of times in both on-road and off-road applications since 2007. It was first introduced for workboats in 2015. In developing its engines, MAN Engines draws on the wealth of components and expertise gained from mass production of MAN engines for heavy duty trucks and buses. These elements are then modified for each specific application. As a result, MAN Engines can offer a selection of engines for commercial vessel applications ranging from 440 hp to 1,650 hp (324 kW to 1,213 kW), which satisfy the latest US EPA emissions standards. For the first time in the US, Canadian, and Mexican markets, MAN Engines will be exhibiting the D2676 LE426 at the Pacific Marine Expo from November 21 to 23 2019 in Seattle, Washington. https://www.corporate.man.eu/man/media/content_medien/doc/global_engines/pressemitteilungen_1/2019_21/MAN_D2676_LE426_preliminary_technical_data.pdf
  15. I can't honestly say I've ever had one of the types you've come to despise. The twelve speed Mack trans, (TRTXL-107 series) is pretty much bulletproof but they, (like anything else) need taken care of. Do call when a Mack trans becomes surplus to your needs; any variant as I know a couple of rebuilders, but I'm not much of one myself.
  16. Matt Cole, Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ) / November 27, 2019 Four recalls announced in November by Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA), Volvo Trucks and Paccar affect more than 6,500 Western Star, Volvo and Peterbilt tractors, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) documents. DTNA issued two separate recalls of Western Star trucks. One impacts approximately 2,725 model year 2016-2020 Western Star 4900 and 5700 tractors for an issue that could cause sleeper cab vent windows to detach from the trucks. Improper adhesive on the windows could cause the problem. Daimler will notify affected truck owners, and dealers will replace the vent windows for free. Owners can contact DTNA customer service at 1-800-547-0712 with recall number FL-836. NHTSA’s recall number is 19V-792. The other Daimler recall affects approximately 1,331 model year 2020 Western Star 4700 tractors in which the steering shaft may have been installed improperly. This could cause a loss of connection between the steering wheel and front axle wheels. DTNA will notify owners, and dealers will inspect the trucks, correcting the steering shaft installation if necessary. Owners can contact Daimler customer service at 1-800-547-0712 with recall number FL-835. NHTSA’s recall number is 19V-769. A recall announced by Volvo affects approximately 2,287 model year 2020 Volvo VNL and VNR tractors equipped with Sheppard HD94 gear variants. The steering gear mounting fasteners may not be properly tightened, which could cause the steering gear to loosen. Volvo Trucks is notifying owners, and dealers will inspect and re-torque the steering gear or replace the steering gear if necessary. Owners can contact Volvo customer service at 1-800-528-6586 with recall number RVXX1906. NHTSA’s recall number is 19V-756. Finally, a recall from Paccar affects approximately 248 model year 2020 Peterbilt 579 trucks equipped with sleepers. The company says the conspicuity tape may have been installed in the wrong location, affecting the vehicle’s visibility to other drivers. Paccar will notify owners, and dealers will install additional conspicuity tape on the back of the sleepers in the correct location. Owners can contact Paccar customer service at 1-940-591-4220 with recall number 19PBE. NHTSA’s recall number is 19V-733.
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