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  2. It's from when it was on rail (we hauled it from rail to substation). Rail yards have what is called "the hump". It is basically a downhill section of track that goes into the rail yard. Normally they will just release cars down the hump and they will freewheel into the yard and through the switches to get the car where they want it. They have retarders built into the track to help slow the cars down, but they still sometimes hit pretty hard when they slam into other cars. They put the "no humping" signs on the transformer so they wouldn't let it free over the hump. The transformer had 2 gps shock recorders on that monitored how rough the transformer was handled. The black box you see beside the sign is one of the shock recorders, and the other one can be seen on the passenger side. The guy that was there from the manufacturer said the transformer could survive a 5g shock without damage. He also said that if transported by truck, you'd have to be in a serious accident to get a 5g shock, but it is not uncommon at all when transported by rail.
  3. Gee, I'm glad to know it's not only me! My barn on L.I. was 60 x 45 and was pretty full and not too organized. Moved everything to Virginia and organized alot as it was loaded in containers. Now my shop is 100 x 100 and not only dis organized but too small. I've got 5 full containers I brought down from Maine. I'm close to selling every truck, all the parts and tools.
  4. There's surprisingly not a lot of room on a R model for paint and stripes The cab fills up pretty quick and starts to look very busy if you put to much on This was the advise given to me by my good friend when he painted Mrs Mack Paul
  5. I believe thats what causes little capacitors to come into the world . . .
  6. On most systems if the fan can't power up when the AC is turned on the AC will not work either. Grounds , relays or ?
  7. Now that's how you get people to look at brand X! :)
  8. Looks good but I have to ask what does the sign mean on the transformer?
  9. Does anyone have any answers for e7-400 shutdown issues? Sometimes it runs fine sometimes it just dies but will crank right back without resetting key switch. Some times Jake brake works sometimes it don’t not sure if it’s got anything to do with it. Also it’s just sitting on my lot not driving it or anything just because of this issue. Good oil pressure not hot and plenty of coolant. The other day it wouldn’t crank either then all of a sudden it cranked when I let off the key, very weird. Any help is very appreciated. Oh yea sometimes the shutdown light is on and buzzer and sometimes not. The Jake clutch switch was unhooked when I bought truck on pedal and I hooked it up and it worked. Wandering if it was unhooked for a reason?😳
  10. Great news. Take your time in setting it up. My barn is 19 years old-still planning😎
  11. I have gulf way and want to increase the value of the truck. I called hagerty for a quote just to see. For 30000 in coverage driving an average of a 1000 miles a year they quoted me 838 a year. For one truck with an aths discount.
  12. Come to think of it there was a little blue B-75 at the 2019 ATHA show in Reno. I had to take a double look to see what it was. It had a stretched hood maybe 10-12 inches. There was a highly modified B-61 next to it in the same colors. with air ducking and lowers. I will have to take a look in the ShowTime to see both again. I did not take any photos of it or know what power was under ether hood. Anything is possible producing a vehicle. I do admirer your work and creativity. As long as it is fun and what you want, just make it happen. Rock-On!
  13. MarketWatch / July 18, 2019 STOCKHOLM--Volvo AB (VOLV-B.SK) on Thursday reported bumper earnings in its second quarter as sales of vehicles and services drove higher, but a sharp drop in orders for new trucks will lead to production cuts during the second half of the year. The Swedish truck maker said net profit for the period ended June 30 was 11.13 billion Swedish kronor ($1.19 billion) compared with SEK9.22 billion a year earlier, beating analysts' forecasts of SEK9.5 billion. Sales rose 16% to SEK120.69 billion, beating analysts' forecasts of SEK111.73 billion, while the group's adjusted operating margin grew to 12.5% from 11.1%. Truck volumes grew by 10% in the quarter, but order intake fell 21%, Volvo said. In Europe, even though transport activity has remained solid, customers have become more cautious to invest in new trucks, while in North America, the decline is related to the exceptionally strong order activity in 2018 and the fact that customers have ordered what they need for 2019. Customers are awaiting more visibility on the economic development in 2020 before placing new orders, Volvo said. Volvo had previously guided for North American retail sales of 310,000 heavy-duty trucks in 2019 and 300,000 in Europe while Chinese demand for heavy- and medium-duty trucks in 2019 was projected at 1.15 million vehicles. However, the company didn't include any guidance on this in its report Thursday. In a separate announcement, Volvo said it has entered a strategic alliance with Samsung SDI to develop battery packs for Volvo's electric trucks. The alliance will cover joint development of battery packs specifically developed for Volvo Group's truck applications.
  14. This was my Dads 76' R model with a fancy paint job pic was taken in 1980
  15. Here is the transformer we moved this week.
  16. Outer bearing on the 44 reads timken hm-617049. Outer on the 38 reads timken hm-617010. My truck started life with 34,000lb diffs, but when I bought it there was a 38 at the front and a 44 on the rear.
  17. I have seen that spacer behind the inner bearing before, just did not know the reason for it. terry
  18. Should be a real interesting build!!👍👍 terry
  19. It shows that as separate. It has a separate pressure switch that sends is signal to the ecu for the fan. Didn't have a chance to work on It today, probably in the morning.
  20. We check out the new UltraLoft integrated sleeper and the latest fuel-saving specs. View the full article
  21. I remember seeing the two different length spindles and it can be used for different hubs.the long spindles with one hub may use a 3/8 spacer behind the inside brg.
  22. A friend of mine has extended a 379 pete about ten inches and I say why and he replied because I never had one before and no one else has one.
  23. I have to go look at Other Truck Makes now...
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