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  2. Had a road call for a guy who need me to time a pump he installed. The port closure was screwing up and machine wasn't doing it for me. Called my shops "Mack old timer" and stepped through it again with him, having done it myself a dozen times. I was doing it right, but something was wrong with either my side or the pump side. Told customer you need to let us return tomorrow morning to complete this once we figure out what's going on. He was the shop's mechanic, he was watching me the whole time. Next morning he called and said "don't come, I got it going, runs great". I asked what he did. He said "I got it set using the priming pump". Two weeks later I was replacing his piston that had a hole burned through it. He made the situation much worse. Make sure you get it right.
  3. CDC Started in 1978 between Cummins and J.I. Case. Case and Cummins designed and built the B and C model engines. Fiat later bought Ford/new Holland then years later case.
  4. Pretty sure that Was a joint venture between Cummins & CNH called consolidated Diesel Company (CDC) But happy to be corrected.
  5. Cummins let's many companies use their engine. I believe there's Chinese companies that lease the license to build their motors. I have seen a 6.7 labeled as a Beta Power motor in a McCormick tractor, as a iveco in a Case tractor and called a Cummins in a Versatile tractor.
  6. It takes aprox 2500-3000 psi to lift the valves off there seats ! I highly doubt it would be worth buying a pump and finding one cheap enough to do this job once not worth your while! Your better removing the delivery valve and blo timing it! we have the tool at work Its a nuisance to assemble and use Much faster to blow time! just saying!
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  8. Right-and I dont see how those economics work. Another disruption to the Cummins production line I would imagine to paint them silver and tweak them however Paccar wants? takes me back to the late 60's when Cat designed the 3208-with I believe some Ford money??-and it started life as a Ford exclusive. But this is different. International is taking those same engines and sticking them in the MV-red color and all I believe. I would have to think they are getting a better price than Paccar. seems like a Hollywood movie set to me....open the door and there is nothing in back of it🙄
  9. 200 rpms is either direction when splitting. If at 1600 revs you want to split down: hit the button down, then you need to tap the throttle, let off to break torque, then throttle up to 1800. I'd say that 1600 is a little high to be down splitting, but can't say for sure what you are trying to do.
  10. Classic look of a northeast Autocar.
  11. All States Asphalt based in Sunderland, MA on a local road chip seal project.
  12. Who would pay $$$$ for a truck that was rolled over onto a 4 year old who became a reanimated, murderous, mini-zombie...… unless it was a Mack Superliner.
  13. No. Nor China. ZF took most of Eaton’s global market share.
  14. Mack Nit gudday m8 the easiest way to drive the mack 18 wen the engine is up to operate n temp in each gear run it upto the govonor ...... then change up take note of wot the rev counter sez after the change this is the same rev U would change down @ if run n down hilld deduct a cupla hundred revs to allow for over run cya
  15. luckily i was able to find the owners manual and it explained a lot. what it doesn’t say is at what rpms to split at. say at 1600 rpms, i want to down split, do i hit the button down while on the throttle? or off then hit it? i tried a bunch of different ways and it didnt work either way for me. is 1600 to high or should i be down splitting around 1400?
  16. This Truck been coming knowledge to big movie prop and artifact collectors for 20 years. Didn’t know he was selling it. How much just wondering. Christine better. A close friend bought it right before they were going to destroy it.
  17. It’s not for sale. People have known about for 20 years.
  18. Normally the delivery valve is removed and a old holder and old cut injector line are used. The "dump" tube method is used to check timing this way. This can be done with compressed air and a glass jar with water in it. When the flow goes to a bubble using air that is port closure. Using fuel and a little pressure the flow will go to a drop. I have not heard of setting timing with the #1 delivery valve in place by just turning the pump to get pressure and flow. I can say it is over 1000psi to open a delivery valve. There are other ways to check timing on a Bosch pump but it is done with a timing light tool. Most Mack engine manuals have a few pages on the different ways to set timing as well. Hope this helps.
  19. Does Eaton sell many transmissions in Europe anymore? Seemed like a lot of Eaton transmissions got installed in the British trucks, but now that they're gone...
  20. Just wondering how much pressure is required to open the delivery valve when checking pump timing without removing the delivery valve, pressure and flow. Does anyone have any specs on the pump system that Mack dealerships use to use, thanks for any replies.
  21. No different than their "PX" range of Engines.. They're just Cummins Engines painted Silver.
  22. Showing someone drive a fuller 18 is worthless on learning how to drive a Mack 18, better shooting yourself in the head. read the book and hope you learn, and I say hope, I think a triplex or quad was easier or at least consistent, I really like the 4 reverse but the rest I can live without, and yes I drive one everyday and with bigger loads than most people and still don't like it, one good thing about the Mack 18 is when super hero steering wheel holder shows up and we let them take a spin, fun to watch them walk off talking to themselves. I 'll post pics. of loads going to Juarez MX, great fun, night time is real eye opener, 150' long and 10' wide right downtown, overhead crane beams.
  23. So trans is Eaton? as Maxidyne says. Less than honest spin by Paccar
  24. Thank all of you guys for your help. I really appreciate all of you taking the time
  25. Russia's new nuclear submarine Belgorod was launched at Sevmash submarine making factory in Severodvinsk on April 23. The submarine will be the first carrier of Russia's new ominous weapon - the Poseidon underwater drone. The underwater vehicle can be equipped with both conventional and nuclear munitions to strike aircraft carrier groups, coastal fortifications and infrastructure. The submarine and the Poseidon drones will undergo tests for two years before they can officially join the Russian Navy. The Poseidon underwater drone is capable of carrying nuclear and conventional munitions at large depths at a high speed. The Belgorod submarine is a revised project of Antey 949A multi-purpose nuclear submarine similar to the Kursk nuclear-powered sub. Military experts believe that Russia can use the Poseidon underwater drone only in the event of nuclear aggression against Russia as a retaliatory strike. The drone is very hard to detect as it can travel at large depths and build unpredictable routes.
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